The U.S. Voted Biggest Threat to World Peace, Right According to Plan

Eric Blair

The United States has just been voted the most substantial threat to world according to a global survey carried out by Gallup and Worldwide Independent Network at the end of 2013.

24% of those polled in 60 nations said The America was the biggest threat, dwarfing Pakistan who came in second with around 8%.

The U.S. Voted Biggest Threat to World Peace, Right According to Plan

Is this a surprise to anyone given the aggressive action of the U.S. military?  Some would say this “reaction” was predictable, or even a desired outcome.

The powers-that-be don’t have allegiances to nations, they just want control over them. If we understand the globalist agenda to centralize power, America must be destroyed as a super power and brought under the control of a larger governing body like NATO or the UN.

In order for that to occur, America must be viewed as the enemy of peace and human rights around the world. Mission accomplished, apparently. From this growing “reaction” we will see a “solution” presented shortly. In fact, global citizens may demand action against the U.S. if this continues.

Don’t believe me? It’s already happening from American citizens!

In July of last year, a human rights organization in America petitioned the United Nations in a “letter of allegation” to recognize that school closures in Chicago amount to human rights abuses. The group readily admits their intention is to have the U.N. influence U.S. policy.

“We believe that reaching out to the U.N. will draw international attention to this issue and hopefully encourage the United States government to take action,” said University of Chicago law professor Sital Kalantry who penned the letter on behalf of The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights.

We have already seen U.N. treaties that usurp sovereignty from the U.S. like the small arms ban overturning the Second Amendment, or the U.N. drug czar threatening America over marijuana legalization due to a drug war treaty, or the multitude of economic treaties that force choking regulations on small businesses.

Ultimately the examples provided above are small potatoes compared to a global call to oppose or even confront the U.S. military which is conceivably one of the “solutions” to imperial warmaking. Is it still a conspiracy theory to think U.N. Peacekeepers will engage the U.S.?  It can never go that far, right?

Well, anti-America perception is only likely to grow larger and louder. Even anti-war blogs like this one contribute to it merely by publishing America’s crimes against humanity.  In this way, the alternative media is being used by the agenda as an echo chamber for anti-American content. As honest, pro-peace and human rights media, we propagate this agenda whether we want to admit it or not.

Yet, we must remember that the American military has almost always been the tool of a larger power and certainly does not have the consent of the people. Recent polls showed the lowest support on record for any U.S. war in history for the Afghanistan war:

This was also evident when the U.S.’s aggressive posturing toward Syria was smacked down by a loud and angry population.  Hopefully this showed the world where Americans really stand on these military excursions.

Unfortunately most people can’t separate U.S. military action from their perception of “America”. They’ve been conditioned to blame a collective for the actions done under a flag.  The perception of America as a tyrannical state will likely increase (because that’s what it’s actually become) until the world demands, no begs, for some outside “authority” to intervene.

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  1. Gaia Sagrada says:

    Its true, the usa is the bully of the world, on both an economic level and a military level.

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