The United States is getting ready for World War 3 then South China Sea




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  1. there could be many many reason to why the U.S. Army is sending these munitions to these different places… I don't know i've been hearing this stuff for years and years and nothing ever happens…. seems more like fear monger to me. I see your concern but i don't think that China is stupid enough to engage these munitions and or try to threaten countries with military force. You have to understand China and Russia are not stupid. They understand that they can't do anything to start the war for them to be the bad guy in the fight. The U.S. wants Russia or china to spark the war so we can look like the good guys in the situation. Russia and China are trying to collapse the petro dollar to kill us from within. These countries are not stupid. They have a very very well thought out plan and will not risk starting the war. I believe the U.S. will have a false flag similar to 9/11 to go to war. The elite have to get into a war very very soon. We are in a economic crisis and there is no better excuse then to go to war.

  2. shh120 says:

    I listened to the hearing this past Saturday and Ash Carter made it clear of the five major threats (Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, and Isis.  They spoke of vamping up the military capabilities around those areas….ironically the same time they are provoking these countries to strike first.  This is real and well documented….and scary as hell for those of us who are sane.

  3. they talked too much…just bomb the fuckers and thats it. start of the war….china and u.s.a talked too much..bluffing each others, pointing each others, boasting each other but nothing happens..l homb the fucking china in the island that they said it was for them which is not….YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF FU KTARDS……

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