These People will Live On Mars – Colonization of Mars



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  1. Zed Rabitt says:

    I like a lot of these Comments; Now here is my Opinion' ­čśë Humans have existed as a "Species" for 'arbitrarily' Less than 1 Billion years. Our Earth has somewhere between 3-5 Billion years before our Sun makes it uninhabitable. (This includes Mars). I do not have much confidence in our ability to learn how to travel faster than 'The Speed Of Light'; nor 'Fold or Bend Space-Time or the Fabric of Space'; at least not any time soon in Theory, nor in ships large enough to carry MANY people. OK; SO; here are my 3 big things: 1: Learn how to capture and redirect asteroids; find the most convenient with the best resources; and start moving it and mining it with robots and/or tele-robotics. 2: Before we move and asteroid; we want to know where we want to go; SO: Find an interesting place in the 'Galaxy' we think we want to go. It might be an 'Earth-Like Planet' or it might just be "Anywhere Not Dangerous for a LONG TIME (know what I mean)". 3: Take advantage of the 'Natural Competitive Nature of the Human Spirit', and start a 'True Space Race', to build Actual 'Colony Ships' intended to travel and not just orbit; which are very large and are self sufficient in every conceivable way. Pick Your People and Let's Get Going; Somewhere – Anywhere…… OK; so that other person's comment; who would want to live in those horrid conditions = I offer the choice of being left on Earth when the Sun 'Dies' (of course I am not speaking about you and me – we will be taking a dirt nap by then) but someone may have to choose whether to go and Live or stay and Die…. *Any pending reply comments about the feasibility of such space craft = if we are lucky = we got a couple billion years to figure it out O,O …………………..´╗┐

  2. Malaika says:

    Why they don't plant tress on Mars? And put animals on there?´╗┐

  3. anthology says:

    200 years maybe if dumb humans get over themselves will get to Mars, like the first moon missions,but living there humans would have to be void of emotion to not want to return home, the leadership caste, birth, social dynamics,as it is we are forced to live and behave in a artificial controlled human nature, under a civilized sense of culture , a simple misunderstanding could be devastating in this environmental conditions´╗┐

  4. At 70 miles per hour it would take 55 years to go 34 million miles. 34 million plus miles is the closest Earth and Mars ever are together.´╗┐

  5. AWildBard says:

    why do i want to play battle zone´╗┐

  6. Rata 4 U says:

    RADIATION: it's like somebody is firing tiny bullets into your body piercing every organ. You don't feel the damage…yet but you will in a few days. That machine gun will continue to pierce holes into your body until you are dead – your death will be pure agony. They have not figured out how to protect humans from such an attack. Some say we can hide underground – deep in the earth. In reality the radiation penetrates the ground. Would you fly to Mars and spend the next few days living underground only to die?´╗┐

  7. Truth says:


  8. Noah Trevino says:



  9. gopika says:

    We live in a crazy circus land of all possible insanity. Mars is NOT a planet, not a physical terra where one can step his foot on! Mars is just a star like all others, Venus, Saturn, etc., they were always called planetos which means from Greek 'wanderers'….they are wandering stars as their movements are different from regular stars. NASA is all about FAKERY and people still buy that science fiction crap as reality…truly disturbing to watch how masses can be easily duped into any and every nonsense…´╗┐

  10. Steve Drones says:

    The true purpose of NASA is to hide the fact that the earth is flat and stationary. It's not a spinning sphere flying through the "ever expanding universe" at thousands of miles per hour like NASA and other astrophysicist claim. Just go observe the North Star aka Polaris. It's fixed in its location, it is the axis of the sky and has been since the beginning of recorded history. All constellations revolve around Polaris. This is fact and observable by the human eye.´╗┐

  11. I felt so much pride for these good folks at JPL as they were cheering on the landing…then I read the brunt of comments below, on this site. I suddenly felt a tinge of disgust with the stupidity that continues to exist on this once great planet. If/when the end does come, I feel a certainty it will be a glorious new beginning for the rest of the universe. The majority of human beings-now around 7 billion of 'em-would still be drawing stick figures on caves if not for these few, brilliant individuals who have ably carried us forth towards a brave, new world. Apparently humility and respect have been drowned out by zealots and avaricious'/greedy types with little else on their minds. I must learn to either avoid reading the comments or simply ignore them-as most intelligent folks would! But how sad…Thanks for sharin' this great video!´╗┐

  12. Gothos Folly says:

    NASA ARE THEIVES AND LIARS. pictures promoted as actual images from mars were debunked and found to have originated from greenland. the rovers were actually found in greenland thanks to google earth searches. nasa has been lying to humanity for 50 years. its time to end this charade of smoke and mirrors.´╗┐

  13. I can see a lot of posts that say we live in a big sandbox or that everything is a lie or an illusion. and it makes me think.. why? why would anyone want to think that? to me personally I think humans were made to go out and explore the things that people would only dream about. I love that mars is barren and dead. because it shows that we are fragile. I love that Venus is dangerous and hot, because it shows that there are some risks but its worth taking a shot. I wish that I was born in the future so people did it and I can just sit in a chair and say thank you to them. but these comments that the sky is just wallpaper and the sun and moon are holograms, just make me disappointed, that millions of people would go out and fight for something that is so obviously untrue that I just want to pick them up and plop there asses on Olympus Mons or the biggest crater on Mercury. so I ask, how can you possibly believe that we live in a fake, plain, and simple world, without the slightest feeling that you want to explore and go where no one has gone to before?´╗┐

  14. we got to Mars 50 years ago or so. These folks just want a guaranteed job – so much money for so few people. That's the Mars dream. This is not like finding new Continents and killing off the people we find. I'm all for Mars and Europa, but let's not pretend millions will benefit as if they cured cancer.´╗┐

  15. ChinaAl says:

    Great Video But? These people will live on Mrs? Nothing about any colony. It's all about the rovers. Wrong title. Bu I still like the video.´╗┐

  16. Chante34 says:

    Playing God smh.´╗┐

  17. Mars was once home´╗┐

  18. Most of these comments gave me brain cancer, read if you want a good laugh!´╗┐

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