THIRD WORLD WAR 2016 (video recomended)


The conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, the growing tensions between the 2 Koreas, Venezuela vs USA, Russia vs USA and EU…, with the economic crisis are findind ourself in the outbreak of a THIRD WORLD WAR. WE MUST TO STOP THIS GENOCIDE!


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  1. Crusader says:

    Who is this socialist british twat narrating?

  2. Crusader says:

    When did the US ever invade a nation and take over its natural resources. Never, is the answer.

  3. Crusader says:

    Notice that every nation which seems to be belligerent toward USA also has the backing of Russia and China. We need India and Brazil on our side.

  4. Steve Greggs says:

    fuck does this shit keep skipping?????

  5. smb123211 says:

    Hasn't this same crowd been claiming that an invasion of Iran was due "any day" for over 10 years now? LOL

  6. Steve Bour says:

    the world is too busy laughing at trump to bother with the us

  7. Yup. Not sure about the conspiracy bit, though. It could all be a mindless machine. Same result, comrades. And this was produced before Drumpf was elected. Even more unpredictable and unstable situation providing opportunities for the monied one percent.

  8. Mark Damen says:

    so why is the west trying to overthrow assad,come to think of it what was that libya thing all about,correct me if i am wrong,but who did libya attack?

  9. Well fuck my best hat with a starting handle!….what a load of bollocks new world order my arse….where are the lizard people elite you stupid dick-wads bang on about? I will mail you a quarter get out and buy a fucking sad American cunts lmfao!

  10. WW3 started awhile ago. 1st strike was the 1st Radical Islamic Terrorist suicide bomber. They have attacked over a dozen countries. 1000's dead. 10's of 1000's injured. Because they are not a country with a central gov't, no one declares war. B U T W A I T That was B.T. (Before Trump)

  11. Professor X says:

    can someone answer me this question, whats the point of nuking each other?, if the human race goes extinct due to nuclear warfare then what is there to rule, your only left with damaged land and toxic waste (im assuming world leaders would hide in bunkers, while everyone else burns]

  12. BingoSunNoon says:

    Hit the mute button and make up your own narration. Nothing too crazy, but crazy none the less.

  13. D S says:

    Venezuela, N Korea are not important; they are to weak and stupid. The middle east will attack itself (Israel or other) before attempting the west. We always have subs or jets less than 15 to 30 minutes away from complete enemy destruction – every major city and military target on earth.

    The US has nuclear armed Japan, Twain, and S. Korea; if someone want to play it will start in their backyard. Russia fears China, China does not have resources (metal, oil…), Russia does. China is more likely to attack Russia than the USA. This would be a good way to get our deficit cancelled, go for it CHINA and queen ping.

  14. fazerphil says:

    Aaaaaaarrrrrgh . OK who do I need to take out to stop it . BBC its their fault , that's a good start

  15. Mike turner says:

    Simply put humans have had their time. Let's nukem all till they glow in cleansing fire. Fuck people!

  16. c. j. macq says:

    our world is truly run by madmen! I did a series of videos about this beginning with "Life Experiment (Part E)." my equalism videos not only point out the problems but offer REAL solutions to these problems. you want a truly better world? then we MUST remove the predators from their global domination. Predanomics must end and to accomplish this the comlen must unite. watch my lecture series' beginning with equalism 101 and Life Experiment Part A to learn more. thanks for this truly horrifying video.

  17. Всех убьём как собак бешеных,только попробуйте в нашу сторону чихнуть.

  18. there won t be WW3 why RUssia is really powerfull and NATO is really really powerfull

  19. fishernz says:

    Perhaps you could have a word to Colonel Putin, KGB ("Retired") and tell him to stop threatening nuclear war? AFAIK, he has threatened to use nuclear weapons many times, while the US has not under the Obama administration.

  20. RicHermit says:

    @11.36 Trump would change to the other side.

  21. I love how they delete the video when the date is over and everything is ok ?

  22. M Rotgans says:

    oh yeah lets have a global nuclear war that would be a great idea to restore world peace thats what they want so let's give it to them

  23. This guy has all his facts wrong.

  24. oh god, ruined by the same old, boring conspiracy theories, get some new ones. We all know america is the cesspit of the world.

  25. Marcus M says:

    Drugs are bad… m'kay?

  26. optic140 says:

    I was really interested until the paranoid conspiracy nonsense began.

  27. Scot Carr says:

    I'm a revolutionary, but if the Ghandiest/King stripe. Violence will NOT bring US to a Kumbaya moment. The time is here to repeat the 1989 movements

  28. Corey M says:

    You had me till Capitalism is the enemy. Do you realize what Capitalism is? It gives us all the chance to be elite and in great ways. Without Capitalism you'd have Anarchy (chaos) or Socialism (nothing is yours, especially your money). Taxes, regulations and big governments come from Communist doctrine. You'd be in traffic for perhaps days finding food because, everyone would be treated the same way as you no matter how hard they work or how little. When the rich become poor, the middle-class because rich and they get taxed because, they must pay, so on. When you find food the scarcity will form a bartering system. I hope you can keep finding things of equal or greater value as food and water to keep bartering. Then, you need gas, guns, ammo, water, shelter, shoes, clothes, etc. If you run out there's always the women and children's services you can barter for things. It's up to you. Just ask Soviet Russians that survived the Soviet Union. Capitalism is not the enemy.

  29. There is only one thing I believe, is that Jesus Christ will come and destroy all that are evil.

  30. Ecclesiastes 8:9
    All of this I have seen, and I applied my heart to every work that has been done under the sun, during the time that man has dominated man to his harm. nwt2013
    These words were spoken hundreds of years ago is is more true now than back then. Yes we do need God.

  31. fazerphil says:

    If gates and Rockefeller are worried about how many people are on the planet , then there's two that would be a good start

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