Tips from MSM: How Not to Get Raped By a Police Officer


Amanda Warren

Recently, a string of Oklahoma law enforcement officers have been outed for untold numbers of female sexual assault victims at their hands while on duty. Some lurid details appear in this Associated Press story .

Tips from MSM How Not to Get Raped By a Police Officer

Have you seen the picture on the right floating around online? Were you shocked by it like I was? While it doesn’t accurately depict exactly what was said, except for the words inside quotes, it is indeed the underlying message.

Actually, it’s much, much worse than that if you view the news segment it was taken from. Here below we have not only Captain George Brown’s comments on protecting oneself from sexual assault by cops, but a news segment with tips – subtly suggesting that women should get used to the idea of potential rape while interacting with police.

In this video is a segment with the display box stating for female viewers: Interacting with Law Enforcement – How to Be Comfortable and Safe.

Tips from Captain George Brown of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (my comments in brackets:

  • OHP Troopers always in uniforms and marked cars [but not all officers wear uniforms]
  • It’s OK to keep your door locked & crack your window [but Brown says later that troopers might take you back to their car if you don’t have ID and it might not be safe for them to stand in the road too long]
  • It’s rare for a trooper to bring a person back to their patrol car [not really, but this also isn’t a tip. See bullet point number two.]

The anchor says that anything going on inside a trooper’s car is videotaped and can be reviewed by a supervisor. Well isn’t that reassuring? That did not help one of the victims of deputy Gerald Nuckolls. Then the kicker: “He says the best tip that he can give is to follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.”

A moment of silence to let that sink in for a second…

Yep, they really just insinuated what you think they did. In order to be safe from authorities who are paid to protect and serve, women shouldn’t get pulled over – otherwise they are putting themselves in harm’s way and what? They deserve it? They asked for it? WHAT?

I mean – it’s not like police never pull someone over for no reason. It’s not like they would come to a woman’s house, stalk her or harass her on the street. Corrupt officers always follow the law, right?

If you read the Associated Press story above you’ll see that the officers mentioned didn’t exactly follow protocol. The news segment (also found at the original source below) shows how deputy Gerald Nuckolls came to his victims’ homes pretending to investigate 911 hang-ups. He forced a woman into his deputy truck. Therefore, these tips are worthless to someone who is actually singled out by a corrupt officer. The real problem is not being addressed.

The undersheriff in the video assured that the hiring process for officers is “thorough.” If that is really true, then why is it that law officers who commit violent acts easily make it through the ranks at other departments ? It’s such a widely known practice, they are called “gypsy cops.” Investigators have also been caught on film protecting a lying officer  – is that an impartial investigation? Is this why female victims suffer in silence?

I’m pretty sure, all of us are incredibly repulsed by such assaults on defenseless victims. As a woman who wants to see a complete restoration of social justice and civil liberties along with my fellow men, I’m especially frustrated to see other women who lap up the media programming that diverts them to blame the “Patriarchy” for “Rape Culture” and Bullying. Sites like Huffington Post have jumped on this bandwagon, while also reporting about the Police State. Yet, somehow they never connect the two as it relates to women (and children, and men) – they just want women to blame men. And this is empowering to women? To never look such obvious cases of rape and bullying in the culture square in the eyes?

You want your Patriarchy, Rape and Bullying Culture fix? First, to all the neo-sister-suffragettes out there – please always replace the word “Patriarchy” with ” Psychopathocracy ” or ” Psychopathic Oligarchy ” from here on out – then you’re good to go. Any gender can exhibit shameless force over others. Second, a news station has just presented all three in a nice bundle and has asked you to not only accept the gift, but to shut up about it. Does this not upset you? They are saying: don’t worry, you can always tell law enforcement when something happens to you, it’ll probably be recorded, and, if you didn’t follow the law – well that means you must have…

( original source: 3rd video)

Another source with more comments from Brown, and an attorney:

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