Top 10 Controversial Documentary Movies


Sometimes the truth found in a nonfiction motion picture is not as straightforward as it seems. Join as we count down our picks for …


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  1. Resurrection says:


  2. Weird how you left out the food industries' slaughter scenes from the documentary Earthlings (Which is like most of the documentary..). Don't want people to feel bad about the pigs they eat for breakfast and the cows they eat for lunch, huh?

  3. Danni Wolfe says:

    the guy who got squashed by the Orca survived

  4. sterling j says:

    The reality is, these documentaries show how horrible homo sapiens are.

  5. sterling j says:

    George Bush, biggest fucking mistake

  6. Dear Zachary was a heartbreaking documentary that I was surprised not to see on here.

  7. this makes me hate myself and human kind……

  8. Pepe Flores says:

    5:40 ¿Algún Canario que se sorprendió al ver Loro Parque?

  9. the cove or earthlings should be #1 i hate micheal moore
    people think hes blue collar cuz he dresses like a bun, he was raised in a wealthy family and his movie was shit! bowling for Colimbine was decent..but there are 10 way way better documentaries kn 911 and dont junp on me, i agree that most of it was accurate i just hate the director hes a lie, hes part of the problem

  10. skboog says:

    Controversial is a term pretty loosely used, documentaries like Zeitgeist and The bay just bring attention to real events happening in our world right now. It is educating people, how is that controversial.

  11. How else are we to get tasty dolphin?

  12. BipedalP314 says:

    Fuck you whale and fuck you dolphin!

  13. LuxuryJesper says:

    If dolphins are so smart, why do they live in igloos?

  14. Kailash says:

    the bridge was depressing as hell

  15. mmzen says:

    Who the fuck produced this episode… The Cato institute?

  16. Mr Aweezy says:

    this makes the japanese look really, REALLY bad.

  17. I hated the first and second your a jerk

  18. This video is making me hate the human race.

  19. How is Bowling for Columbine not here?

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