Trailer: Who are the Illuminati?


This is a trailer for the planned documentary “The Revelation” under progress. The persons and symbols mentioned in this video are: Politics: 1. Barack Obama …


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  1. Why do videos about the illuminati always have scary music playing? Gossh

  2. tupac wasnt even in the illuminati…

  3. Dre Reid says:

    Tupac was in the iliuminati but when he found out the truth data when he was against them

  4. MsKittenz1 says:

    There will never be a movie about the Illuminati and shown to the masses. John Stossel , a former ABC news reporter did a story about secret societies and lost his job and was never seen again on a national level. THEY run news organizations, Networks, newspapers, magazines…….and yes, Hollywood they control what you see, if there is ever such a movie you will know only what they allow you to know.


  6. neither Tolkien nor 2pac are ……..

  7. Kilox1000 says:

    doesn't matter who we are….what matters is our plan!

  8. dovetail says:

    who the hell created this crap!! to suggest that Ghandi, Tolkein, Einstein, Tpac, George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Charlie Chaplin are apart of the illuminati is absolutely rubbish. Charles Chapin was kicked out of America don't forget for being a communist. These people are obviously just very gifted and have opened our minds to certain possibilities never before considered. next you be saying Jesus of Nazareth is illuminati hahaha!!!

  9. First thing first, go learn and then ask yourself, who are the Illuminatis and who would be a Illuminati, then you can form your opinion and make comments, dont just comment like fools.

  10. Ok i dont even know who the illuminati are.

  11. jscd100 says:

    Yo!!! Calm! You've put the Ohm symbol there! C'mon! It's about being in syncro with the universe, nature and your own soul… it's not illuminatti!! C'mon! I have it tattoo, I needed to be in balance!

  12. how could you?!
    2pac was a Killuminati!

  13. See osama bin laden is fake hes a american saying hes a arab he works for the illuminati

  14. yasindnm50 says:

    Not tupac he exposed the illuminati.

  15. jmpc80 says:

    This video is from 2009. Is it out yet?

  16. Li Cheng says:

    Dude, if I was a celebrity I bet. And like got drink or like I wanted to say hi to the crow or something they will always find some ridiculous way to say hey he is illuminati! Or something look he is having a 6 when he is holding his cup coffee -.- you know what i'm saying?

  17. Kennedy was assasinated by illuminati cuz he was against them,tupac the same his songs Killilluminati etc…

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