TSFD ep 36: World War 3, Attack of Lady Bugs and Much More!


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  1. Cade Buckley says:

    Richards face shall be missed 🙁 but i like no cameras. It sounds smoother.

  2. Cade Buckley says:

    sean connary is the best bond.

  3. Absolutely loving these man!

  4. Dalia E says:

    Remington just loves to mention his hatred for Israel. Actually debate with me once, and you'll understand what makes Israel so amazing.

  5. Mr.Wonderful says:

    Thanks for answering my question guys!

  6. This really pisses me off and i cant handle watching the podcast without cameras.

  7. Stephen K says:

    I'm fine with no cameras

  8. AirNative says:

    College Conservatives blocked me because I refused to change the pro life baby in my bio, to a more white skinned colored baby.

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