U.S. Military Budget for World War 3 – Hon. Minster Louis Farrakhan


www.Mosque7.org : The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches on the advent of the war , and the plans of America against the darker nations of the earth …


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  1. @linkon2me > Please make a comment on the truth that Min.Farrakhan teaches and not what he has on >
    Please replay the video and listen with your minds eye for the truth > PEACE B 2 U <

  2. @linkon2me hmmm but is he quoting actual facts? how many military bases america has? is tht number correct?to hell with discussions on shapes and symbols? blacks wake up

  3. zauzari says:

    Thank you for your stunning courage, Mr. Farrakhan! God bless you!

  4. This is all true. The US will start WWIII, this is the only logical conclusion of current trends.

  5. mdna72 says:

    And now Obama has done the unthinkable declaring war on africa

  6. soetebeer says:

    As a Christian from my heart not from Religion – you speak the truth! God Bless you!

  7. jaxbus3000 says:

    I used to really dislike Farrakhan, but even as a white, conservatiive, I have to admit that he makes a lot of sense and I find myself agreeing with him more and more. He speaks the truth for sure.

  8. hams93 says:

    There is no U.S base in France.

  9. Yes there is: Istres Air Base, Istres, France

  10. hams93 says:

    No, "Istres Air Base" is a French Air Force base. Since 1966, there is no U.S base in France.

  11. JOxpkral says:

    So true Mr Minister!!

  12. JOxpkral says:

    So true Mr Minister!! One thing he was wrong about though…There is no US base in Eritrea at all. Eritrea and America does not do well together. Mr Minister said it himself. "America doesnt give a damn about who is a dictator as long as they bow down…". Thats watsup b/n Eritrea and America, we (Eritrea) have a dictator that we would like to continue lead us but as we dont bow down for their objectives they accuse as for dictatorship and terrorism and sanction us every 2 years.

  13. mienpanoche1 says:

    Wow this guy is great. Why doesn't run for president.

  14. Theres a base in london to promote homosexuals and destroying peoples lives

  15. MrSankara6 says:

    Sorry Mr. man I can confidently say that you lied. Africa is getting more Christian than islamic. i speak with evidences. Please I will also remind you that we are in the spiritual warfar not in the physical war.
    We are ready in YESHUA's NAME. AMEN

  16. Fizznikz says:

    world war three started the minute 9/11 took place. as soon as 9/11 took place the world turned their backs on Muslims and villified them, we are now like the jews in world war 2, they will stop at nothing to kill us. we are now not even seen as people by the common man.

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