U.S. Prepares For New Decade Of War In Asia


by Rick Rozoff


The United States is engaged in the longest war in its 234-year history in Afghanistan, one that will begin its eleventh calendar year in two weeks. Like the war that had been America’s longest before now, that in Indochina, the current one is in the Asian continent.

US Army Afghanistan


With repeatedly extended projected withdrawal dates, the latest is 2014, although even that has been characterized by Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell as merely “aspirational,” the campaign in Afghanistan and over the past two years in neighboring Pakistan has marked Asia as the center of U.S. global military strategy and operations.

Roughly 100,000 U.S. troops and over half as many more from Washington’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies and partners are waging an armed conflict that this year has resulted in an increasing number of civilian casualties and the most deaths among belligerents on both sides since it began on October 7, 2001. U.S. and NATO war dead this year are approaching the 700 mark, nearly a third of the total for the over nine-year-old war.

Since the U.S. invasion in 2001 opium production has grown by 40,000 percent (according to Russian estimates), with Afghanistan accounting for 92 percent of the world’s cultivation of the narcotic. In addition to the killing of Afghan civilians by U.S. and NATO air and night raids, bomb attacks against civilians, including suicide bombings, are regular occurrences in Afghanistan and in neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

Last month the U.S. and NATO flew 850 combat sorties, three times more than in November of last year. From January through November of this year foreign occupation forces’ aircraft have conducted 30,000 close air support missions for troops on the ground. In the last six months U.S. and NATO forces have launched 7,000 special operations missions in Afghanistan. [1] NATO helicopter gunships have also increased raids inside Pakistan, including one in September that killed three Pakistani border troops.

Central Intelligence Agency-directed drone missile attacks in Pakistan have risen to at least 108 so far this year, more than double the 53 strikes in 2009. The amount of deaths caused by the attacks has also doubled, over 800 compared to 400 the preceding year.

The Pentagon and its NATO allies have established a military presence on bases in several other nations in Central and South Asia, including – publicly – Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and without official acknowledgement in Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

In doing so the U.S. and the expansionist military bloc it controls have established a network of troops and bases in a swathe of territory with China to the east, Russia to the north and Iran to the west.

The expanding circle of military influence and infrastructure extends to India, with whom the U.S. leads bilateral and multinational naval, air and infantry/armor exercises in both countries, as well as pulling the world’s second most populous nation into the orbit of military interoperability through large-scale weapons transactions.

In Mongolia, U.S. Pacific Command and U.S. Army Pacific lead annual Khaan Quest military exercises with the host country’s armed forces and those of assorted American NATO and Asian allies in preparation for deployments to war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. This year’s Khaan Quest included troops from – in addition to the U.S. and Mongolia – Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

In addition to countries in the Asia-Pacific region with which the U.S. maintains Cold War-era defense treaties – Australia, Japan, the Philippines, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand – the Pentagon has recently conducted military exercises and training in South and Southeast Asia nations like Bangladesh, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, East Timor, Brunei, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Last July the U.S. led the two-week Angkor Sentinel military exercise in Cambodia with troops from 26 nations including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia and the Philippines, described by Prime Minister Hun Sen as “a symbol of the strong military ties between the US and Cambodia.” [2]

U.S. Army Pacific will lead a follow-up exercise, Angkor Sentinel 2011, in Cambodia next May.

The III Marine Expeditionary Force, a Marine Air-Ground Task Force of the U.S. Marine Corps, is currently running ground and amphibious reconnaissance exercises and combat diving training with counterparts from the armed forces of Singapore on Guam “in order to sustain tactical proficiency and support the Pacific Command Commander’s Theater Security Cooperation Program.” [3] Singapore has deployed troops under the command of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force for the war in Afghanistan along with fellow Asia-Pacific nations Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand and Tonga.

The Pentagon is building a $12.5 billion “super base” in Guam “in an attempt to contain China’s military build-up.”

The construction “will include a dock for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a missile defence system, live-fire training sites and the expansion of the island’s airbase. It will be the largest investment in a military base in the western Pacific since the Second World War, and the biggest spend on naval infrastructure in decades.”

In addition, “The US is also investing another £126 pound [$197] million on upgrading infrastructure at the British-owned Indian Ocean atoll of Diego Garcia, 700 miles south of Sri Lanka.” [4]

A Russian report of last month quoted analyst Andrei Kortunov of the (pro-Western) New Eurasia Foundation on American military strategy in relation to Guam: “Americans do not say officially that this base is being created to contain China’s military build-up. But if we look at the map and compare the military potential of the countries surrounding the Pacific Ocean, it won’t be difficult for us to understand that, most likely, China is exactly the key factor which is taken into consideration here.”

He was further cited claiming that “There are many American military facilities in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.

“They are scattered over a large territory north of Alaska across Okinawa and as far as the Hawaiian Islands, where, traditionally, the U.S. Navy has a stronghold. Which means that there are many U.S. military facilities there, which form an arc and which must guarantee America’s hegemony in the Pacific Ocean.”

The U.S. maintains that “these facilities have been set up to guarantee the security of commercial communications in the region, including the security of oil supplies from the Persian Gulf area to the western coast of the USA. But taking into account current tendencies, this infrastructure is regarded by many people in Beijing as one that is aimed against China.” [5]

Since late last July the U.S. has conducted ongoing war games with South Korea, Japan and Vietnam in the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan/East Sea, the East China Sea and the South China Sea. The nearly 100,000-ton nuclear-powered supercarrier USS George Washington has been deployed for naval maneuvers in all four locations.

The U.S. and South Korea completed four days of exercises in the Yellow Sea on December 1 and the U.S. and Japan concluded their largest-ever joint military drills, codenamed Keen Sword 2011, which included naval exercises in the East China Sea.

America’s top military commander, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen, and his South Korean counterpart General Han Min-koo recently confirmed that their two militaries will continue the joint exercises that have occurred since July: Invincible Spirit in that month, the mammoth Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2010 in August, an anti-submarine drill in the Yellow Sea and Proliferation Security Initiative maneuvers in September, and naval drills in the Yellow Sea in late November and early December.

On December 15 General Walter Sharp, commander of United States Forces Korea, repeated Mullen’s assertion that Washington and Seoul are planning further joint military exercises and that “The U.S. and South Korea will meet future North Korean attacks with the ‘utmost response’ available that ‘the laws of land warfare permit.’” [6]

The Pentagon’s 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review report of this February states:

“The United States is a global power with global responsibilities. Including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, approximately 400,000 U.S. military personnel are forward-stationed or rotationally deployed around the world.

“America’s leadership in this world requires a whole-of-government approach that integrates all elements of national power. Agile and flexible U.S. military forces with superior capabilities across a broad spectrum of potential operations are a vital component of this broad tool set….The United States remains the only nation able to project and sustain large-scale combat operations over extended distances.” [7]

On the same day the Defense Department released the new Quadrennial Defense Review it also proposed a $708 billion budget for next year, the largest in constant dollars since 1946.

Washington has been at war in Asia since the first year of the decade that is now drawing to a close. It will still be in Afghanistan well into the middle of the next and in one manner and to some degree to its end. Asia is the Pentagon’s main 21st century war front.


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  1. Nomad says:

    The longer the US projects these little wars around the globe, the angrier Nations shall become. I think very soon we’ll see a significant portion of the International community attempt a collective kick back aimed directly at the Western World. US/UK and a couple Commonwealth countries against EVERYONE ELSE. Project the WWII allies casualty lists forward to today and multiply it 4 or 5 times and I think we’ll have a conservative estimate of WWIII casualties. 1.6 -2 million US KIA? Several hundred thousand UK/Commonwealth Forces KIA? One shudders at this though. Why are we being led off the cliff?

  2. TheAZCowBoy says:

    The attila-the-Hun’ factor I call it, I guess that since Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos ‘blood bath’ of some 2.7m human beings the Great Satan has decided that there’s just too many mouths to feed, especially brown skinned mouths – and the best thing to do it kill, kill, kill and then kill some more. The interesting thing is that in Af/Pak brave young warriors with just the barest of primative weapons have had the Great Satan bleeding in increasing amounts. And, why would these people be so successful fighting the thoughest son-of-a-bitch’ in the Galaxy? Probably becuase aggression is hardly a motivator for most armies. It’s when you’re fighting for your very survval that the adrenalin flows and the bastards at the tip of your gunsight fall like cockroaches after the Black Flag crusader arrives, Rat-tat-tat-a-tat, your outta here MFer!

    We see the same thing in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. With the murderous kosher pigs murdering innoicents, left and right, in order to steal their land, water, olive/fruit grooves on the way to a greater Israel – we see young Shaheeds hurling rocks, molotov cocktails and anything that can be squeezed though the smuggling tunnels (lately, it’s been high-tech Russian anti-tank missiles – One of them that left one of israel’s ‘invincible’ Merkava Mk III tanks looking like ‘Chantilly lace’ (BIG smile!) with three young IDFer’s wiping the shit out of their drawers at the surprise that ‘civiilans’ can also ‘kick arse’ given the right weaponry, Ole for the Paly kids that fired the weapon! Now, we hear that the paly’s in Gaza have obtained some anti-aircraft missiles and the world awaits the ‘great’ news that an AD-64D Apache gunship ot even a (wow!) F-16 has been blown out of the skies over Gaza!

    Yassar, as long as the Chinese VISA card has money available the Great satan will be out looking for ‘soft’ rargets like in Somalia and Yemen where they begin to still a ‘hornets nest’ and then there’s North Korea in the distance.

    Keep it up AmeriKKKa, the Chineese will come pick up your bloody ass and surse you back to health – I mean, they want to think that thier 1.7 trillion dollar investment in warmongering America won’t end up a P&L account in the collectors desk, LOL!

    More later…..

    Tombstone, AZ.

    Go Hezbollah – Go Hamas, the future is NOW!

  3. karen says:

    The real reason this war will go on until the end is because of the vast wealth in that country, rare minerals,oil,ect… The list goes on, even China is after this place Afghanistan, Henry Kissenger once made a statement… Military men are stupid animals, they are just pawns on are chess board for are political agenda.

  4. dr dan says:

    Fuck Up
    No.1 terrorist in the world are americans, bulshit

    • vietfreedom says:

      I am Vietnamese and I stand by the Americans. It is idiots like you that don’t understand the danger that China poses. We Vietnamese understand very well the threat that china poses. The u.s is the only country in the world that is stopping China from carrying its goal of world domination. You are such an idiot.

      • IH8Zionists says:

        Vietnamese standing by Amerikans?lolllll did u forget they raped your moms and sisters and fucked your country?guess whose empowering China? Yes USA. Who gave them the technology? Yes USA.God bless the Afghans for their fighting against Satans coward army.China has been chosen to be the next big superpower.good luck Vietnam I hope ur people get invaded again and raped all over again.

      • antizog says:

        what a strange vietnamese you are. sold your soul to the devil? do you understand your own history? folks, looks like all the TVs, movies, mainstream media and mind controlling propaganda has got this poor guy. I mean those viet people killed and raped by the americans will be turning in their graves if they hear this guy LOL!!

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