Video: No More Seafood For You, Fukushima



I wouldn’t eat any seafood there, anyway. The Japanese have suffered a great deal, since the earthquake and melt down of the Nuclear plant. This is the ultimate in the Depopulation Agenda. This event has destroyed Japan and is beginning to effect the ocean life there and here, on our West Coast. They poison our water, (Fluoride) they poison our food (Chemicals & GMO’s) they poison our Air (Chemtrails) Involve us in wars (Everywhere) They kill our fish (Fukushima, 60 more plants on that soon to be destitute Island) If you don’t think they are after us, think again.

Video No More Seafood For You, Fukushima


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  1. John Cook says:

    Thanks Mossad, I guess Japan sure feels sorry about offering to process uranium for Iran now… And, more to the point, the other governments watching events unfold and knowing the true causes and methodology of this terrorist attack will think very carefully about ever crossing the “Mad Dog” regime in Israel.
    P.s. want to know more? Search for Fukushima and “stuxnet” (that is the name of the Mossad/CIA created malware that caused the meltdowns)

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