Videos: Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations – The American Arab Spring ?


Watch Now: Occupy Wall Street Protest Live Video Webcam Stream and Join the live chat!

US Day of Rage just as what’s happening worldwide which was started as an Arab spring before it spread to southern Europe and to the rest of the world , the common man just cannot take it anymore ….I wish the police would protect us from getting robbed by corrupted officials who funnel tax payer money into bonuses for people who made this mess in the first place. and not to protect the Wall street crooks and their bounty from the justice and the rage of the common man , unfortunately the police is no more from the people to serve the people it is a private Militia that does exactly what the elite orders it to do ,and that is to break the bones of anyone who dares to protest against the injustice and the looting that is going on by Wall Street…. how symbolic… the rich people looking down on the people protesting…. the tops is getting all the money while the bottom sees nothing , The bankers are probably trying to figure out how to make money off the protests instead of changing their ways.


The Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue On Day 5 –  Demonstrators Demand Release Of 8 Protesters, Including Media Member Filming Protests, Unlawfully Arrested By NYC Police.

Watch Now: Occupy Wall Street Protest Live Video Webcam Stream and Join the live chat!

As the M$M media imposed a media blackout of the Occupy Wall Street protests tensions between protestors and police heightened as protestors, exercising their right to protest, refused to follow police orders to disperse.

The NYC police ultimately responded by ripping protestors from their camp sites, assaulting them, handcuffing them, dragging them across the ground and jailing them.

Tonight a a group of Occupy Wall Street Protestors met up with a group of Troy Davis protestors and began to march on Wall Street, which has been sealed off by New York City police.

Joseph Jordan, Brandon Kang, Augustine Castro, Freddy Bastone and four more protestors were arrested during the march for simply exercising their Constitutional first Amendment Right to Assemble and protest .

Protestors have now convened in Liberty Park and are holding a solidarity demonstration to demand we American’s be allowed to exercise our constitutional rights and to demand the Police release the 8 people arrested by the police.

If you are in the NYC area, protestors are asking you join in the protests which are currently continuing into their 5th day.

If you can not make it to the protests they ask that you call the New York City Police Department to demand their release.

You can can precinct 1 at 212-334-0611 or precinct 7 at 212-477-5311.

The media team who is broadcasting the live stream from the Occupy Wall Street protests is asking for your help. They have been broadcasting since Saturday and 1 member of the team has been arrested.

They are facing service disruptions and equipment failure and are asking for your donations to keep the live stream going.

You can access their official donation link at or via

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  1. ayub says:

    abaddon : true, sobering thoughts!

  2. Abaddon says:

    Stock Exchanges were created by bankers to screw the little people, nothing more than casino’s for the money sharks who controlled the whole system. They were and are the INSIDERS, the men who bribed politicians to create “laws”, their laws, to give them credibility as they “legally” screwed a people, a nation, and now a world. The world is not enough for these people, that is why greed will be their downfall, for they have the furthest to fall, sadly they are taking a world with them.

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