Virtual Reality Simulation Lets Gamers Experience 9/11 Attack


If you wanted more proof that we’re living in one of the strangest times in human history, here it is:  Game developers have just created a virtual reality simulation titled 08:46 which replicates the 9/11 attack for Oculus Rift.

Virtual Reality Simulation Lets Gamers Experience 9 11 Attack

It took the 6 member development team 3 months and ‘countless hours of research’ to create the game, which shows users what it was like to be on the top floors of the World Trade Center during the attack.

The narrative-driven game will let players assume the role of an office worker who has to make life or death decisions while trapped in the North Tower. Though the controversial game was released on the last anniversary of 9/11, it somehow stayed under the media’s radar until this week.

Reactions to the game have been mixed so far. Some are calling it inappropriate and in poor taste, and have said that it’s too soon to make an interactive game for such a tragic event. Proponents of the simulation say that it pales in comparison to the countless war games that are available, and that unlike those games, 08:46 actually attempts to help users empathize with the victims of 9/11.

In either case, it’s certainly a deeply disturbing development in VR technology, and a reminder that our high-tech society is taking us to some pretty strange places. You can take a look at the introduction to the game below.

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