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Another VLOG style video but this time I leave the house πŸ™‚

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$5 off custom work *restrictions apply

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Check out my e-liquid, Zophielicious πŸ™‚
There’s Pineapple Cream & Apple Strawberry. Pineapple Cream is barely sweet, it’s for pineapple lovers that just want a juice you can vape all day long. I vape the crap out of it. The Apple is predominant in the Apple Strawberry. But this is what I taste.

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Logo in intro video created by: Nicole Velasquez

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33 Responses

  1. Jerich Morey says:

    this was actually one of the most entertaining vid's lol you should do more adventure vids

  2. you nare so bad zoph soft rubbers lmao he never picked up on it we did zophieliscious

  3. Julian Kluck says:

    wtf is that n pink dildo AT 5.00???

  4. kieran mason says:

    so this is pretty awesome, how do they do it, is it like similar process to hydro dipping and all.

  5. CMBDIA says:

    so does he make custom ar-15 lower receivers? I might be interested in something like that.

  6. Paul Hughes says:

    mods are cool the wee doggy Evan cooler

  7. Dawn Zaffuto says:

    looks like you had a wicked fun time. dumb question if a person wants a paint job, do they just give the guy a call or contact through email or Website?

  8. Another Zophie fix πŸ˜‰

  9. Geo Thermal says:

    Zophie on a stripper pole. My life is now complete. Thanks for that.

  10. dmccolt23 says:

    guy seems scumy as fuck

  11. Amawaska v2 says:

    I'll have whatever that guy was vaping

  12. whats your favourite mod

  13. I just dont understand, how do u resist in biting someone? Meaning you are a vampire it should be fucking hard to resist the hunger for plasma.

  14. TheVaporess says:

    Omg! Heaven! Great video zophie !

  15. kirk poff says:

    At 2:11 mins in…. what was that screw thing.

  16. That dog HATES balloons

  17. Jesus! Zophie looks hella tall!!!????

  18. you do have a little booty back there girl. I love it

  19. Pog Champ says:

    Wow those are amazing custom paintjobs

  20. Jeremy Eskew says:

    damn yiu go girl lol shake that ass lol I see ya

  21. Herr Flick99 says:

    Boob grabbing on the glass, that's quite out there but the store has some kind of swingers room so OK it makes sense.

  22. Hilarious. Keep it up!

  23. Awesome video. Loved it zophie ?

  24. M. L.P. says:

    I think you're the Best Vlog in the Industry. You're very knowledgeable and fun to watch. Keep up the Great work. Hope to see you at one of the convention.

  25. Zophie, you called this a vlog, but you're just a vape whore!!??

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