Wale “Music Industry Will Take Your Soul” – Illuminati Satanic Industry


Rapper Wale has recently vented his frustrations with the songs marketplace on Instagram. He wrote: Exhausted, i am drained. . I experimented with. This songs marketplace will just take your soul then make you want [to] leave,” N***as never respect humble n***as never respect intelligence. They’ll inquire for ‘this or that’ and you provide it and they’ll say it in no way transpired. Enable me air out some people, it’ll make headlines, enable me uplift some people it’ll get buried a lot quicker than u can say ‘leanmollyxan. They’ll get rid of you and then worship you when youre gone.”

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21 Responses

  1. Idk many he meant that like the industry takes ur soul not in a bad way but meaning it makes u do so much and so much that u can't handle it and u have to work real hard for it

  2. tyreecereese says:

    remember these artist are slaves! some are MK Ultra slaves, Sex Slaves etc mainly ignorant to what they are really doing. sometimes I get the feeling that some of these artists don't believe they actually sold there soul like its idk just a saying don't forget all these artists need prayer they are all humans just like us and a lot come from Christian based homes they just got so caught up in a dream they signed there life away and don't know what to do now best believe even Beyonce and Jay-Z regret it they all get tortured in there dreams and while they think hell will be glorious they don't know that what they are asking for is terrible keep these people in your prayers!! its not the artist as much as its the freemasons and fake Jews that run the industry think about it? if they never ran the music industry these artist would have so much fun which also leads to a question, who and why did the music industry become so demonic who first started all of this

  3. this illuminati ain't no joke.the artist can't even do there music without that bullshit.its crazy.never sell out you will be doomed.

  4. Isn't this the same nigga that contemplates suicide after becoming a rap star & having millions? Wtf is up with niggas one the become rich? Bitch give me those millions & you can go back to being average you stupid muthafuckahs.

  5. Wale is spot on! I agree with everything he said! Today's music industry, especially mainstream Hip-Hop Music, is nothing but Satanic!

  6. ""eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh It goes back to the Egyptian Pyramid." this caught my attention. I just think it's funny and it sounds like as if the car engine wont start. Haha. And They can't easily quit what they started, there's a way but not that easy. That Org's Entrance gate is as big as hell, but the exits are present but people are blinded by records deals of this and that, They must be a mouse before they can find their way out. A mouse. Yeah a mouse.

  7. not everything is a conspiracy man

  8. Miss King says:

    Funny thing: wale's only Major hit is titled "bad"

  9. It's just a figure of speech, you can't literally lose your soul. Showbiz is not easy and he doesn't like the fact that no one is appreciating his music and not getting the support he wants. It gets tiring for your mind, body and soul. J.cole even addressed this Wale situation in one of his songs, about how blessed he is but is stressing too much about numbers. The illuminati isn't exactly what you guys think it is

  10. All it is in the music industry is Satanism selling out or renting out your soul you do not own GOD does, The Illuminati are a small group of families that no black person will ever be part of or any non blood musicians just puppets of the Illuminati god and their father satan.

  11. devinemindz says:

    First of all Wale already sold out! He said in his verse "gave this music my ALL… Nothing is sacred NOMORE!" The song he did with USHER ???

  12. King michael says:

    Jews run hip hop.

  13. DaGETBaCMaC says:

    Dee's nigga's gots ta have sexshuals with Music moguls.. dats whuz sup peeps, dee's niqqa's gay!

  14. I AM TELLING YOU THIS NOW. 666 is not the MARK OF THE BEAST. , the Roman Catholic added and took away numbers (gematria). and the Bible says whoever adds/makes addition or takes away in scripture is cursed Revelation 22:18. . WHICH MEANS DOING THAT IS A VIOLATION OF THE BIBLE.

    Its a actually symbol that John had seen!.see it for your self in Hebrew.. not a number. it's undeniable. And JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANTI-CHRIST!! . – THE false or instead of Christ. God is a title and could associates to other deities.(Praying to God= praying to Satan the God of this world, also The Roman Catholic others have changed the names of the father and son!). The real name for the Heavenly Father is Yah, Yahweh I would assume. but you can say Heavenly father DO NOT SAY GOD.And the son is Yahushua/The Savior, Messiah. Yah said he would send a strong delusion /deception for people who do not like the truth, and has said the whole world WOULD BE DECIVED , and if it were possible HIS VERY ELECT COULD BE. the delusion , is the false coming of Yahushua. meaning the Anti-Christ (Jesus) Jesus being white is the Anti-Christ… to prove what I'm saying is true- Yahushua was hung on a tree. AND THE CROSS IS EGYPTIAN, ADDON FROM THE ROMAN Catholic. CHRISTIANITY AND ALL RELIGION IS FALSE BECAUSE IT WAS MAN MADE. there is no J in Hebrew! Matthew 24:4. , Ephesians 5:6, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, and 1 John 3:7. -let no man device you , I'd say follow scriptures not man.! true scripture has been manipulated but was first in Hebrew , Hebrew is the most accurate. and be careful how you interpret the Bible.

    graven images – Exodus 20:4-6, Deuteronomy 4:23-24, Leviticus 26:1(cross refernces etc). Spread the WORD!!

  15. some people are willing to sell they soul 4 the industry member wot dmx tell u about the industry

  16. Lonnie Jolly says:

    he got buutt fucked. PLAIN an simple.

  17. im sorry.. but wale's music is trash

  18. 415Underdog says:

    Jews own the media and entertainment industry

  19. bigjayking24 says:

    But within the last year or so, Wale been posing and always trying to put up those devil horns…every chance he get. So WTF??

  20. Another spineless celebrity!!! Pokes his head out for a second to expose the industry and then deletes the damn post!!

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