What are Kief, and How Can I Use This Concentrate


Kief is a familiar term within the cannabis users community. However, did you associate the roots of kief originate from an Arabic word meaning well-being or pleasure? Unless you are from Morocco, where kief interprets as a bowl of unpressed hash infused with tobacco, the rest refers to it as kief. So what is kief apart from the enchanting golden dust of cannabis buds?

Kiefis a finely concentrated powder made from the resin glands found on the leaves of a cannabis plant. Producers and merchants understand the potential of kief and what it can deliver to the table. But how is kief breaking the marijuana dispensary scene for cannabis users? Let’s explore the world of kief and how it can increase your high and overall marijuana adventure.

What is Kief?

If you are a frequent cannabis consumer, you recognize the sensation of holding a shimmering dank bud within your palms and inhaling the resin and appreciating the layer that spreads all over your fingertips. That delicious, sticky resin you feel is kief.

So what is kief, and where is it located on the cannabis plant? It is from trichomes, and it contains the highest concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, these small mushroom-like formations extrude from the leaves of a grown cannabis plant.

Since kief carries such a high level of the psychoactive compound THC, consequently, the high it provides is considerably euphoric and long-lasting. As a result, kief is a profoundly potent form of unprocessed cannabis. Canadians love kief, and it’s one of our top-selling cannabis products on our online dispensary in Canada.

How to Make Kief?

There are numerous ways you can extract kief from your cannabis flowers. Grinders are the favored approach to filter the kief through a fine screen. However, this approach will provide a less potent mix of both trichome stalks and bulbs. Experienced kief removal requires a series of sieves and will produce the most purified form of kief. Below are some techniques to extract kief from the marijuana flowers.

Dry Sift Cannabis

Dry sift one of the simplest methods to extract kief from the natural cannabis flower. Easy, involving utilizing a dry sift approach is the least costly way to generate a kief concentrate. However, dry sifting requires significant effort because you want to separate the kief through multiple sieves. How so? A dry sifting process starts with a filter through a comprehensive filter diameter, which will enable both cannabis trichomes and plant material to cross through. This process will require reducing the filter size gradually to slowly eliminate all plant material, leaving only the resin glands.

• Note: Explore with various screen dimensions to find what works best.

How Grinders Help You Catch the Powder

Utilizing a grinder is the most straightforward way to pluck kief and won’t require multiple screens. The grinder will have an extra chamber at the base to enable the trichomes to accumulate after being filtered. Once you’ve extracted the cannabis trichomes, you can refine them further by filtering them through some additional dry screens if needed.

How Can I Consume My Kief?

Many people smoke it as it is or consume it with their morning coffee. But kief is perfect as an enhancer that can boost your high when used alongside other cannabis products.

Here are some creative ways to consume kief.

Convert It into Hashish

Utilization of heat and pressure transform kief into hashish. Firstly adding heat and pressure will create slabs of freshly compressed, high-quality hash. A simple method involves rubbing cannabis resin within your fingers to produce finger hash. Another technique utilizes hair straightening iron to squeeze a nugget of weed between folded-up parchment paper and collect the remaining rosin.

There are numerous ways to produce hashish, but these home methods are moderately straightforward and will create hashish that you can appreciate immediately.

Dust it or Roll it

Dust your kief onto your marijuana before sparking up a bowl, and experience an additional kick with your toke. Or roll it up in a blunt combined with marijuana flower. We recommend changing your kief into hash because the burn is much better.

Vaporize It

Kief is a delicate kind of marijuana product and does not need high-temperature heating. However, if you use extreme heat, you will burn away its precious terpenes and cannabinoid concentrates. Because of this utilizing a dry herb vaporizer is a perfect way to enjoy kief.

Dry herb vaporizers light at a more moderate temperature and conserve elements such as THC. That said, understand that not all vaporizers will be compatible with kief due to their sensitive nature. We recommend that you mix your beloved ground-up cannabis flowers with your delicate kief before vaporizing. E-cig vaporizers are also great, but they require the production of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil, which requires additional additives and kief.

Use Kief To Make Some Edibles

Make some delicious edibles by substituting weed buds with kief or add as an ingredient to elevate the potency of your present edible. To use kief to produce weed edibles, you need to decarboxylate them, which converts THCA to THC. Without this exchange, it may result in none or very low psychoactive high.

Produce Moonrocks

Making moonrocks is a satisfying way to consume kief. It involves taking a nugget of weed (preferably Pink Animal Crackers strain) and coating it in kief or hash oil. Then, you can bust up the flower and put it in your pipe bowl.

Kief is perfect for enhancing your high

So what is kief? Kief is that phenomenal powder that sits at the bottom of your stash jar full of concentrated goodness in the form of THC. You can buy kief online in Canada through reputed dispensaries.

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