What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)


http://www.facebook.com/WhatintheWorldAreTheySpraying The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing …


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  1. Harcix says:

    Chemtrails are real. I work in a secret hangar where they fill up the airplanes with chemicals to spray

  2. lee nevin says:

    Why not start by asking Washington about the Aluminium in the soil first, and not about suspicious "contrails" – Maybe you would start a better dialogue then?

  3. Wicus51 says:

    The so called "Representatives" know it all. They may not know the details. And whose representatives are they when they refuse to talk to citizens who are trying to find some truth? The same everywhere. Governments do not serve their citizens anymore. Only the ones with the big money. All on the same matras. In the same bed.

  4. What is cause of global warming? CO2 from fossil fuels.
    Who produces fossil fuels? Oil companies and their refineries.
    Who would benefit if Chemtrails work. Oil companies, they could continue selling fossil fuels.
    How do you get so much aluminum in the air? Ever hear of a jet fuel additive called trimethylaluminum (TMA).
    Who can put TMA in jet fuel unnoticed? Oil companies' refineries.
    You don't need to have tanks and pumps and spray nozzles in a few converted passenger aircraft as was suggested. It is more ubiquitous! It is normal jet fuel that has TMA as an additive.
    TMA as it passes through a jet engine becomes nano particle aluminum in jet exhaust which converts to aluminum oxide when it hits the air. Aluminum oxide reflects solar radiation. These nano particles won't stay in the air for a long time – less than a year or two max.
    A possible solution to reducing CO2 production would be nuclear energy production using LFTR technology (liquid fluoride thorium reactor). It has no significant drawbacks like the uranium technology does. Watch TED talks of Kirk Sorensen to hear of all the benefits

  5. Are the people in this video still alive, 6 years later?

  6. Glaskruset says:

    I wonder what will be done in the future to shut people up, cause people have really started talking a lot more about these things…. its still not really in the media (i think we all know why)…. but something is gonna happen if people keep talking, because these people do not wanna give up their power, but they can go fuck themselves, and maybe they will in the future. if not then we are gonna get owned and genocide will happen

  7. If you have time, watch this. Yikes

  8. Hank Johnson, the same man who thought islands could tip over due to increased human presence….
    Why'd they ask all Democrats?

  9. Dirtyvinnie says:

    I've just seen today an airplane flying low dropping something, some kind of pulverised thing not sure, but what I know is that it was invisible afterwards, this was already after some trails being spread and diluted in the sky around mid day…

  10. This shit needs to stop its not cool at all it killing mother earth and all her life! I saw them doing this this morning like 100 lines in the air then it whites out the whole sky!its so blatant stop messing up nature im pissed

  11. Came to laugh at chemtard comments. Leaving satisfied, amused, and somewhat in awe of the superhuman levels of stupidity. They're more dumberer than I had heretofor anticipated. Silly chemtards.


  13. Sam Abebe says:

    I'm appalled by all these fact deniers who haven't watched the entire documentary, maybe not even more than 15 minutes.

  14. why the stupid distracting music

  15. The NTCY says:

    if any persons doubt this documentary, they can read this report, if this is the first ever autonomous flight I am sure there have been countless maned flights before.
    Date:March 25, 2016Source:Desert Research Institute (DRI)Summary:Scientists and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
    engineers have successfully flight tested the first-ever autonomous
    cloud seeding aircraft platform. Cloud seeding flare tests were deployed
    from Drone America’s DAx8 UAS aircraft flown in Reno in late January.

  16. The guilty look upon faces of the influential was every bit as disturbing as the chem-trails filmed across the horizon. I am a 50 year old little widow raising two grandchildren and my concern for their future (if they have one) is my motivation. Why have the parents and grandparents of that generation not stormed the EPA, USDA, FEMA, CDC, and all those other damn acronyms to end this conspiracy? "Follow the money," is the sentence that sticks out like a sore thumb and raises the hairs on the back of my neck. MONEY, the root of all evil. Not making this about religion but this is the same type of  story the Bible is made up of and it's prophecy's have been proven to have come to pass time and time again. MONEY! (Mat 16:26 KJV) "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" GOD IS NOT DEAD AND THOSE WHO DESTROY HIS WORLD FOR $$ WILL BURN FAR WORSE AND FAR LONGER THAN THIS PLANET EVER HAS OR EVER WILL!

  17. Really enjoyed watching this. A lot of sacred & important information juxtaposed in this documentary.

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  19. it is shocking!!!!

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