What the Illuminati Don’t want you to Know about the Kardashian Robbery!


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  1. Mark Boucher says:

    she was robbed by shemales with clown mask that drove away with smart cars

  2. Cathy Waller says:

    The Kardashian Women are Witches! Research It!! It's true!

  3. Rae Rimmel says:

    I love your channel!

  4. Kenny Craig says:

    lol…yup..i thought the same shit,made up and fake robbery….the news nvr report anything but violence and negative crap…good call on the non-questioning of anything relevant and obvious

  5. she is wearing the luminati necklace to inform the public it's all an hoax

  6. Beyond the value of her jewellery, consider her value as a hostage for ransom. This is pure mockery of the TV audience – consistent with the nature of Lucifer's game.

  7. nasty woman all proud of having had an abortion, yuck. is kanya east even a real person?

  8. word. shock value bullshit.

  9. hillary's got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. one tentacle in the grave, other tentacle on banana peel. lulz.

  10. two really stupid people, trying to commit insurance fraud. dude, you made my day. genius.

  11. why do so many people choose to ignore this awful secret society? Is it fear or just plain apathy? wake up people and do some research! If Hillary (an Illuminati) wins this election be prepared to die, for life as we have known it is over! be ready to meet Christ and hope he knows you as his own!

  12. Brena Lynn says:

    That robbery was not a hoax. Celebrities are beginning to lose their spiritual protection. Which is why they're putting out lies about it and people like you call for it. Most of y'all aren't really woke videos you're put out proves that you don't have all your screws together.

  13. People like Kim K think its cool to worship the devil? They will one day have to answer to the Lord, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. When you turn your back on him your turning away from the light & plunging into the darkness. No amount of $$$ is worth that!

  14. Yeah, kim kardashian never wears the same thing again. And who was in the room? And now her Mom wants a 2 hours special. God I pray they go away. God I pray that they get punished for there lies.

  15. AVERAGE JOE says:

    I don't give a shit about kardashian

  16. Kim k, is a man in drag.

  17. Jah Reigns says:

    Many celebrities hire former high caliber military personnel as personal security.

  18. CeyDem11 says:

    Kim Kardashian is a beautiful, talented, and smart young woman. She was the victim of a crime. The alt right loves to blame the victim. Especially if the victim is a woman. The Illuminati was a real group in the 18th century. Monarchs and "the Church" persecuted them because they advocated reason and liberty. Fortunately for us reason and liberty will prevail on Nov. 8th and the deplorables will be vanquished.

  19. Arnot517 says:

    Hope robbers stole that stupid Illuminati pendant.

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