World War 3: A Financially Based ‘Warm War’




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  1. georgem says:

    Why not call it HOT war? Gunfire and explosions are hot as hell. Warm war sounds like an attack of the gay pride armada.

  2. DOG_REDRUM says:

    It's not a hot war because it's a war from the banks using money as their weapons not a military using guns and bombs. Both are just as destructive with the difference being how quickly the bodies drop dead.

  3. georgem says:

    You are right, didn't see it this way first. Now it makes sense.

    Cold war === proxy wars, super big government programs, spies etc.
    Warm war === banks are not held accountable, are above the law and throw whole populations into debt slavery and death.
    Hot war === Actual war between (nuclear capable) powers.

  4. bla bla bla ww3 bla bla…fear mongering…you should work for the fox news

  5. I hear ya man, over the World War 3 talk, but this was meant to argue that World War 3 unlike previous wars isn't based on armies of metal, but something far more insidious – debt.

  6. I doubt Fox News would include the "Legend of Two Wolves." LOL – Topher Morrison

  7. xPDCpwnagex says:

    The human race is definitely killing itself..

  8. Jonny Deth says:

    WWIII has been well underway since the 80's!

    It's a paper war.
    A science war.
    A drug war.
    A financial war.

    People are just straight up morons.
    They believe the definition of war requires violence, it doesn't!

    I've been saying this since I was 15.
    The war is right under everyone's noses
    Stop being so focused on violence. Wars take place in many forms, even world wars.

    Spying, drugs, money, education, food, genetics…how the hell does everyone miss the obvious…..

  9. whatever3210 says:

    Loved the parable of the two wolves.

  10. AMTV says:

    I think I'll cover more parables, religion, spirituality, etc. Glad you enjoyed it, looks like everyone did. Balances out the report.

  11. AMTV says:

    Great comment!

  12. Jonny Deth says:

    I know it's just my opinion but I think the information supports it. War's net profits are larger without the violence for all industries where as violent wars only benefit a few industries and the banks are the ones truly behind it all so they want even growth.

    Small wars will become a constant and used to eliminate or rehabilitate undesirables of all nations. We have seen our soldiers disobey orders saying they were being sent into a planned ambush. They were deemed unsuitable to live!

  13. cgmaxed says:

    If chemical weapons are used, they will have been a FALSE FLAG produced by USA or Israeli Mossad

  14. adnan raman says:

    And gess' witch one I am' mother fuckers!
    I am the Wolf in Sheep's clothing!
    I am Christ Jesus the Son of the living Father' the God of the Universe!
    I am the King of Kings! the King of Truth' the Goat of God (Devil) and Saturn (Satan)
    Allah Ramaniraj! I am the night shepert; that looks after the Fathers Sheep' and not one sheep will be lost!! I AM GOING TO BAPTISE EVERY BODY WITH FIRE!
    I am the King of Isreal' the Lion of Judah'! the lion that was sleeping' I AM AWAKE

  15. astrialkil says:

    Read unrestricted warfare, its about all the forms of war that china wages.

  16. 7466nuts says:

    TOPHER we meet again.

  17. 635574 says:

    problem: wolves are not kept animals.

  18. so we are talking about a bunch of criminels , but be ware i think this comming WW3 is a punishement from god for the wetern civilisation go hide somewhere else or revolte against this criminels , leave israel to us we will take care of it

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