World War 3 begins in Iran!


Enjoy fully the music and movies Note ‘m against war . I did this because I like to make videos like this … the title is to attract more views .


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  1. Iran as a nation state is 2700 years old and has never had any ally and it's people know it. if a war breaks out they fight it alone.

  2. zahoor khan says:

    i love iran bcoz is breave country ,respect from pakistan army

  3. Jonie Brown says:

    They are not the real Jews the Bible speaks of, Revelations 2:9 says they that call themselves Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan. Gods true people will be still in captivity until the Most High returns and set them back in their own land himself. 

  4. Tim Peal says:

    I love a damn good war movie that will leave my ass at the edge of my seat…   I love the musical score that you used for this.  Who made your music?  Its so damn fierce.  And fierceness is always welcomed!

  5. Syria needs to help out Iran join forces and defeat USA, as far as I'm aware if the deal is put in place a global war will begin weather we like it or not, so NATO needs to hold their heads in shame along side the FEDERAL RESERVE IS OVER.

  6. Gary Nguyen says:

    stupid useless video, waste of 10 min, glad i only watched first 3 minutes and fast forward to the end

  7. Daniel RRNC says:

    uhm why is turkey our enemy, Last time i checked the were a part of NATO.
    This guy has clearly no idea what he is talking about.

  8. wow WW3 Greatest idea ever decade of nuclear war which will end with annihilation of human race and next generation(if that happen)will curse each and every country in war but one thing for sure it will bring world peace because no one want to maintain their statuesque every one want to just survive one more day

  9. why do people alwys think ww3 starts in iran?

  10. Because the NATO wants to destroy Irans nuclear program because we don't trust Iran with this weapon.

  11. Rogue A.I. says:

    WW3 begins = bye bye humans!
    rise of the machines FTW!

  12. Canada's in this now ; Im scared

  13. bullshit!!!!!they want iran because of the territory,they are(iranians)in the center of the earth geocraficly.this have nothing to do with the nuclear programme they will controll russia AND china if they had a huge millitary base in iran

  14. someone said we don't trust iran with this nuclear weapon…every one saw what happened to japan hiroshima and nagasako….but we still trust america they don't  do that again… really can we trust!!!!! really!!!!

  15. Hashir Ahmed says:

    US and israel have to stop Bullying countries should stop all there acts or else the result is safe and clear that human race will be whiped out

  16. most hig lucifer real name lucifer is enki true god only

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