World War 3 Coming Soon? FaZe Fan Takes $1,000’s Out of FaZe HOUSE Dumpster, Amiibo Queen


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41 Responses

  1. Jimmy, when you said "Rainbow Siege" i cringed so hard………….

  2. Adolf Hitler says:

    chaos been subbed for a while (since batman easter egg on hijack. You made me buy turtle beaches )

  3. OpTicBearr says:

    are you going to talk about maisto media's ''series'' tonight?

  4. cus has to be the best news source 🙂

  5. HH-G96 says:

    I wanted to watch that let's play channel just didn't know where it was

  6. Dylan H says:

    I feel like we are going to be experiencing the next Fallout game in the next couple years.

  7. FroffNix says:

    Sounds like Cuban missile crisis again.

  8. Ayy Patel says:

    We have lots of anti-missile defenses on Guam. If north Korea actually fired at the us 1) it would be destroyed instantly 2) bombers would instantly scramble from the fleet in Asia and Guam to destroy n. Korea

  9. Sidney W says:

    love your channel keep up the good work Jimmy?

  10. Eric whisler says:

    People live with a normalcy bias. They pretend everything is perfect to feel ok

  11. Gecko Gamer says:

    its not dumpster diving is legal

  12. I Dial 1911 says:

    you cant have a ww3 of everyone else is nuked ?

  13. jack says:

    The hit song one is sooooo edited lol

  14. he gas done quad fred with every gun in most PF The Call og dutys

  15. "Always in motion the future is and many possible futures there are" – Yoda

  16. If you're a battlefield player, you'll enjoy the quad feed with every gun… No we won't, we don't care about quads or kills, we care about getting the objectives.

  17. D-Boy-Los says:

    lol I like how Joey salads pops up and he doesn't talk about it

  18. And here people were saying that Hillary was gonna throw us into WW3 with Russia if she won. Looks like North Korea might start things off. :/

  19. Ramz says:

    Does North Korea even have allies? how is it World War 3 lpl

  20. EldtinbGamer says:

    Hahahha Its not breaking in. They threw it away.

  21. josh6strings says:

    Jimmy be jimmying all the time

  22. SuicidalSam says:

    I remember a quote made by Einstein and he said I know not of the weapons that WW3 would be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones. saying that nuclear war in WW3 will destroy the world

  23. finally some rainbow

  24. Tiger lag says:

    What's the song at the end?

  25. Mattakaleafs says:

    Jimmy keep up the work with the cus videos honestly one of few things I wait for everyday!

  26. awakward joey salad side lol

  27. you should upload your gameplay here every once a week, that be great

  28. King_Ave says:

    ChaosPlaysOn lol

  29. Neko Wolf says:

    Cool CUS!! :3 dam ww3 North Korea with Japan!! Cool faze jackpot

  30. please talk about maisto media series the gates of hell next upload!! if its real, it deserves to be known!

  31. If WW3 happens I'm joining the army. gotta protect you all 🙂 (if there's any need for boots on the ground war)

  32. gold wind says:

    I bet the one she is missing is the golden Mario

  33. did you hear iran also launched missles that could be used to sink us ships in the straights of hormuz.

  34. Jwall0903 says:

    I wish something like from Independence Day would happen so we would all be in peace.

  35. Daniel yepez says:

    if you read all the comments read mine plz and like it plz

  36. Wooo merk made it again on cus

  37. FlippyCatt says:

    Falcons blew a 25 point lead.

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