World War 3 Has Already Started!


World war 3 has already begun. In this video we are going to prove it. Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. linettar says:

    World War 3 Has Already Started!

  2. one Key says:

    Afghanistan is in Asia not the Middle East. You're an idiot.

  3. CM Horon says:

    Who else can keep the U.S. in line besides China & Russia?! Surely the U.S. people can not! We are losing our rights by the day!!

  4. John Randles says:

    World war2 would have to end, before ww3 could start!

  5. woff woff says:

    it will never happen… ww3 would mean the complete alienation of humanity … no one wins… sleep well… 

  6. Arc Force says:

    bullets =

    unfortunately sharing this Vid is a waste of time for me… 99% of my friends and acquaintances just roll their eye's (some have defriended me on FB because I share this kind of stuff)

  7. TAOMMANN says:

    America and Israel would loose to China and russia easy I'm sorry 

  8. Mary Mayhem says:

    Actually . . . THE World War continued.
    When has it ever lapsed . . ?

  9. 1969cmp says:

    …and then there is Pakistan and India.

  10. Hodzic Edin says:

    Yes it has but it will be long long war until they use big weapons than it would be long long winter.

  11. caillou started world war 3

  12. RUSHGEEK2112 says:

    I read this somewhere!!!!

  13. WW3 started already right after WW2 look at the history all the "post wars" events the civil wars and the sudden "democracy" that "started" in middle eastern and african/islam countries, all the genocides that happened in bosnia, armenia, palestine, and ofcourse the biggest and most ethnically occupation that started in 1948 on palestine and since then only troubles in middle east… nowdays another genocide is happening in Burma on islam people, syria people are fleeing from their because they know what i know as on who lives in the middle east without mentioning the daily-basis bombing from every possible country (France, britian, US, "israel", germany, and sometimes from their own country jets) they are fleeing from land where will be probably the center of WW3…. russia are fighting americans in syria, iraq, ukraine, under the radar, turkey are backing the west side (europe and USA) by stealing oil from iraq and syria using "ISIS" and sells it in big amounts and in cheap prices, "Israel" are getting stronger with her nuclear power everyday and leads the west to attack the last country who is not under zionist control at the moment that attack on iran will happen then the media will declare an "official" start of the WW3, because when its happening in the "other side" and it kills non western/white/european/zionists people its just another "civil war"……………

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