WORLD WAR 3 – Iran v ISRAEL – The HOLY WAR is set to begin


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  1. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentors, not the tormented Wherever anyone is persecuted for their race or political views, that place must become the center of the universe.”

  2. r pasilan says:

    Satan always wants war because he to take over the supremacy of God. Indeed, Satan is the first one rebel against God. Satan uses humanity to war like developing nuclear weapons that damage God's creation.  Israel just to protect humanity from destroying nuclear weapons who made by Satan.  World wake up. You want to BE PROTECTED  
    by ISRAEL OR DESTROY by Satan creating by nuclear weapons? but  we believe Christ Jesus will come soon to destroy Satan our real enemy. 

  3. Zahra Mattar says:

    iran dosent need NUCLEAR weapons it needs NUCLEAR ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!! it uses nuclear energy because it saves a lot of money on electricity and all that stuff and not to do any war and we learned in 5th grade that nuclear weapons do a lot of damage that we don't want to happen like in heroshima

  4. What pisses me off is that I know the Iranian people are a good people oppressed by a bunch of religious fanatics that wear laundry on their heads. I've met many Iranian people here in NYC and they're friendly, hard working professional people that contribute to our society in a positive way. I hope to God we don't have to go to war with Iran. We're tired as a nation of all this damn war that's been going on in the past two decades and something's got to give. If the Supreme Leader (what a stupid name) and his minions could just tap into the valuable resource that is the PEOPLE of Iran they would be a successful and prosperous country and an asset to this world. Their constant rambling of things like "death to America" and "we will wipe Israel off the map" needs to stop before they get a good ass kicking they'll never forget. The Iranian people need to stand up and take back their country from these religious, fanatical psychopaths so they can join the rest of the modern world. They would be welcomed.

  5. TheEEStudent says:

    There is no such thing as a 'holy' war. War is unholy in essence. The essence of war is violence.

  6. Polly says:

    There is too much talk already. We'll wait and see for an all out nuclear war and destroy this immoral civilization.

  7. ap72sentinal says:

    erm..isreal would turn iran into a sheet of glass

  8. sam spade says:

    ISRAEL .. "A Defensive nation" !!!  They .. ""DO NOT .. shoot missiles at their neighbors !!!  They .. "DO NOT" .. strap bombs on themselves and blow up schools and buses !!!  They .. have many .. Nobel peace Prize winners .. unlike their neighbors !!!  WHO WOULD YOU WANT FOR A NEIGHBOR ???

  9. sam spade says:

    Why are not others in the Arab world helping each other ???  DO THEY NOT .. want a better way of life ???  Does this style of living make you feel that you are leading a .. "HOLY LIFE" ???  Each generation never seems to .. "GET IT TOGETHER" ???  Since Jacob had hold of Esau's heel in the womb (twins) the fighting has never ceased !!!   Esau is the progenitor of the Arab nation and Jacob the Jewish nation !!!

  10. If the war start west world will be burn in fire of war with Persian

  11. ddavel5441 says:

    "…in terms of trust…" I think Iran never should have said Israel must be annihilated…so much that 'trust' thingy. You want trust, Iran? How about you stop hanging and stoning people to death in the public square…and step into the 21st century of civilization!!

  12. Crashburn 32 says:

    +scott stealth Scott, why are you arguing with such a hate-monguring troll?  Do you think you're going to change his mind?  Do you believe that he's suddenely going to realize that education is his best weapon instead of an AK-47?  Do you think Iran is going to change, EVER?They have lived fighting wars with Iraq, and if they aren't available, they fight wars wth other tribes.  It's like their national pastime:  To kill.  To fight.  They know NOTHING ELSE.You think they would look at the west a think, "I would like to have schools. Running water.  Advanced agriculture. Dams.  Irrigation.  Hospitals.  Medicine.  Houses not made of clay.  Something to sit on besides dirt.  Something to wipe my ass with besides my hand. –  But there are too many ignorant, hate-filled, dumb-ass men in tha country who think progress is bad.  They'd rather live in a 3rd world and die of a cold when they are 40.So fine.  Let them.  And when they finally cross that line, I will feel sorry for all the millions of children in that country who didn't deserve to die.

  13. Zolfe La says:

    usa is a threat to the world , every one must understand this before it is too fucking late

  14. m-j Gilbert says:

    hahaha..Israel just need to send 100 F35 to destroy iran like to become a dry land .

  15. moist faucet says:

    They need to Form Middle East Union ( MEU )

  16. In the sixties people were very visible in fighting for peace. I think its time we as people stand up and be visible to show that to kill people is a zero tolerance zone. The tables can dangerously turn where we suddenly are the ones in war situation where nobody cares.Peace protest should be our order of the day so that the powers that be don`t create wars . Negotiating should be the 21st century way forward. The peacemakers are the hero`s of our time.

  17. Imam Mushrik says:


  18. Imam Mushrik says:

    1 million Iranians abroad support ISRAEL.Death to the koonee iranians…Fuck the filthy homo mahdi who is also a rapist of young boys…..MARG BAR MAHDI….KEERAM TOO MAZHAB

  19. Mike Al says:

    I am a Muslim and I hope US and Israel nuke the shit out of the Iranian regime

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