World War 3 – The Impending Crisis China Russia USA Japan oil exxon mobil bp chevron opec


World War 3 – The Impending Crisis China Russia USA Japan oil exxon mobil bp chevron opec.


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  1. Adam Wilkes says:

    The island of Skira is supposed to represent Sakhalin. It's been controlled by Russia since the end of World War II, and has enough oil to fuel the entire world for 14 years straight. And it's reserves are difficult to reach. 

  2. really????????????????????????? dragon rising?

  3. TheAbbott88 says:

    @Yvesyew The US & Russia have been friends if not outright allies several times in history. I could easily see a day when they come asking for our help with the Chinese. Probably will not happen, but it might. War makes strange bedfellows.

  4. @hunterkiller3632
    The Globalists who run America hate both America and Russia. They will push her into a World War

  5. Eller Rex says:


  6. @ntnism whatever may be who ever will win but the worlds gonna end and we wont recognize the earth tommorow

  7. Rastex123 says:

    The U.S. For a long time lives in blood but such position accepted the governmant. I think that people wich want good life , don't want the wars. In the many books of history – history of America writed that in World War II first who won – America, and other country maybe somewhere helped but isn't much… But If Russia failed who knows what happend with U.S in future.

  8. Cifyra says:

    So, this is the trailer to the video game,
    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising?

  9. @watup2154 Watch your mother the jews are the chosen ones 

  10. It's funny to see that so-called 'factory closures cause mass unemployment', 'OBAMA leaderhships destabilized' , 'Support for hardliners (Occupy Wall Street)' was happened or happening in the US instead of China… and guess what, after the 2008 global economic crisis, Demand of Chinese goods raise rapidly because it's cheap and able to mass produced… many of the daily necessities are made in China, including the ipad 2 which i'm using right now…

  11. USA has nothing to fear from Russia and China. Firstly, China is a Communist nation and Capitalism and Communism both require each other for balance and stability. Both our greedy by philosophical standards and both can be rationally reasoned with. The threat of nuclear annihilation is what will prevent any war between these superpowers from erupting on their homelands. You may see a proxy war in a country like Taiwan, or Pakistan, or Iran (most certainly here) but no war that threatens our 

  12. extermination. I dont really think Russia and China will be there for Iran either when NATO goes in to suppress the Persian's Sharia controlled regime. This is a government that makes no secret of its desire to exterminate the Jews, a society that forces its women to conceal their face because if they didnt they would be asking to be raped, a society that hangs homosexuals by law, stones adulteress to death by law, is compelled by their religion to wage Jihad on the world and impose Sharia on 

  13. all non believers, this includes secular, NATO countries like the United States, not just Israel. This also includes Communist countrys like China and even rogue states like the DPRK. War is a necessity now to protect our species in its entirety and the habitability of the only world this species has ever had beneath its feet. China and Russia know this, the U.S. knows this, NATO knows this. Irans going to be squashed and nobody but countrys ruled by Islam will be there for them when it happens.

  14. John Johnson says:

    @Atheist18505 so can china. Don't think that Russia and US are the only countries that has nukes….

  15. i really like the animation i would like u to make a full world war simulation u rock man!!!

  16. shayneyzf600 says:

    @ausqld83 us is bankrupt 

  17. Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising.
    Awesome game!

  18. EronsBread says:

    china and russia is allies right now…

  19. whisky1991q says:

    Nice video,but Bullshit。。。

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