World War I: Entry Of The United States 3/4


United States enters the war. U.S. foreign policy in early 20th century. Non-interventionism at war’s outset, swings of public opinion, industrial production favoring …


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  1. germans troll the world

  2. America wanted to stay neutral but couldn't because dumb Germany kept destroying there ships and the the Zimmerman Note!

  3. They threw stones at dogs? Contemptible behaviour.

  4. im studying for a test by watching this Vid. 🙂

  5. Germany just kept sticking their dick deeper and deeper in the the bee hive…

  6. Sid Cheung says:

    9:05-9:14 WILLIAM HUNG joins the army!!!!!! how momentous!!!

  7. madhammudeux says:

    Daxhunds were Stoned?


  8. @MorganScorpion You do know that England did the exact same thing, right?

  9. @SwordofJin117 Whoever did it SwordofJin – it is contemptible behaviour.
    I do know that there was a lot of attacks made against German businesses in England, as we had a small German population, especially in London. People chose to ignore the fact that our own Monarchy was of German ancestry.

  10. @MorganScorpion Yeah, and nobody over here seems to realize that the largest ethnic group in the U.S. is German. It's really quite pathetic that somebody would butcher a dog simply because it originates from a certain place, or anathematize any being simply because of that. You'd think that we would have gotten away from things like witch burning and such, but I guess not…

  11. "Unrestricted submarine warfare" sorta sounds like our drone campaign. Unrestricted drone warfare. Yeah. That's it.

  12. 7:09 That's the proper way to go to war. Not covering it up with words like "kinetic military action" gobbledygook and certainly not doing it by the executive's sole decree.

  13. OW3NS93 says:

    Couldn't agree me more. Ever since LBJ, Congress seems to have forgotten that only it has the authority to send American troops to war.

  14. FreshBoi Dee says:

    Lol At 7:28 the black guy leading the band for the Americans .

  15. FreshBoi Dee says:

    Yea we were there also !

  16. rigamarrow says:

    Fun hearing the euro-weenies whine about Wilson. Had their leaders kept their promises to him concerning  the peace terms, we might all have been spared the great depression and the Second World War.

  17. rigamarrow says:

    A black drum major is no surprise:there were two large regiments of black soldiers in the regular army, nicknamed "the buffalo soldiers" by the indians, they adopted the name themselves. There's a black veteran's organization still that uses the bison as its symbol.

  18. 98 years later Israel is trying to get the US lathered up for war against Iran. Nothing ever changes.

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