World War III (Gog-Magog): Why Turkey, NOT Rome, is Key


key in this 7-minute clip from teaching two hours, they show why teachers have lost focus on prophecy ‘ Europe instead of Turkey . See the full …



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  1. Sonny says:

    Thing is Magog today claim to be Jews but are not they are the Synagogue of satan who are from this area of turkey where Istanbul is. In fact the 7 letters were wrote to the churches in the Asia Minor as well and the Island of Patmos is just off the coast there. The ppl of Magog became known as the Lydians who left there a great number of them and went to a place north of Rome. I believe Nero and other extremely evil leaders of Rome were of Magog. Even the Israelites were tired of being under thier control as we are today yet most Christians haven't a clue it is the same ppl as they think these Jews are the chosen. Actually no Jew is of Israel for the bible tells us they were an Eytpian looking ppl found in Exodus 2:13-19 and Acts 21:37=40. Of course there are many other places as well. Even Jesus is described as having hair like wool in Rev 1 . Why would Mary and Joeseph and Jesus go to Egypt to hide if they were say white? Funny how these Lydioans became known as the Etruscans who just fell off the face of planet earth yet today thier ancient symbol is found on both sides of the stage of the house of Represenatives and was on Hitlers currency as well. The church is so far gone and so decieved as was I it is not even funny. These ppl are now in control of allot and think they shall run the New World Order yet all other peoples of the world say no way. So as it is written Magog shall be dealt with where ever they are in Israel and all over as it is written in Ezekiel 39:21-29 and Rev 17. If anyone would read whatJesus said to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:35 they would realize they were too of Magog and not Israelites. The first Synagogue ever built was in the land of Magog and has nothing to do with Israel. He said they would shed all righteous blood on earth and this ppl Magog have. They have many others from other ethnic groups who are in on this with them but only Magog shall be dealt with by fire. So much more could be said about this that time and space do not allow here

  2. DADA A says:

    you might don't know that the bribe and Quran ( the muslims holly book) almost have the same story about the end of the world.
    and I really respect all religions.
    and christians and muslims are just praying for the same god.
    the father is (Allah)
    but muslims belive that to a child is a symbol of weakness.
    and they say that "nobody can kill a god .Gods are immortal". and that's it actually

  3. May ALLAH bless Turkey. Long Live Turkey. Yes. Turkey is a great country as for me.

  4. Az Ha says:

    I was really in to the video and watching but u lost me with …. virgins have to serve military passing their town. lie lie lie … thanks

  5. the state of turkey is a nato member and member of
    UN… the head of UN is the vatican…. so if you point at turkey its still Rome…

  6. THEO LEONTIS says:

    of course there isn't . only a big con and business. If there was one, he-she would strike those hot headed fanatics of any religion

  7. Strefanasha says:

    Of course Turkey is the key!!  It is now fashionable to hate Muslims. One of this channel's preachers  decried the making of Russia the enemy as it was fashionable to do back in the 1980-'s and earlier, but does the selfsame thing here. Why do preachers of this ilk insist on predicting events  beforehand rather than waiting on them  to recognize God's timing As they happen?  The answer is lack of faith. We do not know this is the last generation o we do not know that the political configuration at this time will be the same as in the very last generation. After all there is now no longer a Hoy Roman Empire  but to the 16th century man the dissolution of this would have been unthinkable.  This ministry shows itself racist. I am not impressed. This channel is a waste of time and effort. I am gone from here

  8. Cesar Caoili says:

    your a bible reader but the war will start on Israel,. when ISIS from Syria will invade Israel,. beginning of everything,. the end of times will begin,..

  9. You are all wrong this war is after Jesus 1000 year regn on earth.

  10. Annour m says:

    False !! You just forget that you have to apply your prophecies in past time, and indeed as written too in Islam Prophecies People of Gog and Magog is an ancient people who came from North of Jerusalem, and also it said that this people is the most harmfull ever seen !! and also in Islam prophecies it's more precise these people went out by waves in the world since the period of the prophet, because Muhammad (saws) saw them in his dream and he said "There is a breach in the wall they went out".

    So the question is who is the most harmfull people ever seen in this world ?

    That is the question !!! But Now it's so EASY to answer !!! WHO ? WHO ?
    Who rule the world now? Who controls the banks and the economy? Who choose USA presidents and some Europeen presidents using conspirations and murders always in the Shadow ? Whos controls Hollywood and most medias? Who command Wars to save PetroDollar in Libya Irak Afghanistan Syria ? WHO? WHO ?

    We all know who is this people !!! The Zionists of course!! The False Jews, It's the ancient Khazar people who converted to Judaism to disguise and run away from Byzantin Christians and Califat muslims. Khazaria was in the Caucasian region just between Russio and Turkey.
    They have been defeated by Russian people and a lot of them came out to Europe. An after that they spent all their time to set up strong models Ideologies and structures to claim their supremacy over other peoples an they planed to set a World Government always in the shadow, they use Vatican Unites Nations to legitimize their actions.

    So Wake Up and repeat your studies and spead the TRUE MESSAGE !! Jesus will not recognize his people!! I pity you !!
    Matthiew 5 "20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven."

    Yes You haven't recognized Muhammad as the last prophet of God, so you haven't the complete message of Allah. You did just like Jews who persecutes Jesus and gave him to Rome for killng him. And now you are now in the vague looking for the right way but you are lost…. peace

  11. gog magog parasieten and flukes in gall way.ingilizcem yok ilgilenirseniz deliklerden kana safra suyu karışır plazma bozulur dengesizleşen akyuvar ve alyuvar oranı behçet fmf sedef ms hastalıklarını başlatır,tarımda hormon kullanılmasıyla hastalıklar artmıştır yani vaad gelmiştir kutsal kitaplar yardım etmek istiyor ve yecüc mecüc le uğraşılmayıp setin tamiriyle uğraşılmasının sebebi sorunun delikler olması yecüc mecüc değil

  12. Another video of this guy giving wrong information. Misquotes and historical accuracies. Seriously, does this guy have followers? He's not even preaching Christian belief!

  13. gog magog only out after jesus has comeback … .and that time there is no country anymore

  14. Jesus says that Satan is in Pergamum, in Turkey , so Turkey can be the Gog.Magog.

  15. Actually, looked up "pale" in the greek interlinear bible and it does means "green".

  16. Is not the war of Gog and Magog in the last days of Satan's reign for the thousand years after his release from his being chained in the place of restraint, the bottomless pit, when he is loosed for a little season?

  17. Turks of Turkey and Caucasus are genetically quite distant from original Turks of Central Asia / Siberia. Original Turks are Y-haplo (paternal gene) N (Native Siberian, Finno-Ugric) + Q (Native American, Hunnic) + C (Tungus, Mongol, Manchu) people. But as they came westward, they mixed with Caucasoid Scythians (R1a), Sarmatians (G) and Chechens (J) of Caucasus, becoming a mix of Caucasoid and Mongoloid. In Anatolia, they mixed with the native middle-easterners. Turks of Turkey are closer to Semitic middle-easterners (J) than they are to original Turks (NCQ). Therefore, to say all Turks came from a single ancestor such as Torgamah is problematic since they have multiple origins and are a mix of diverse people.

    Magog was the ancestor of Scythians that lived in present day Russia. Scythians were Iranic not Turkic. Scythians have more in common with the Slavs than they do with the Turks. Both Slavs and Scythians are Y-haplo R1a people. Northwestern Indian Aryans are also R1a. Y-haplo R is the Indo-European Aryan marker that is most dominant in both Europe and Northern India today. Western Europeans such as Celts and Basques are R1b.

  18. I dont think Mustafa said he wants to smoke the cancer causing smokes. He wants the noncancer pro gog magog smokes.

  19. Gidget Delay says:

    What you know is nothing….do yourselves a favour Google UK parade of Gog and Magog…once a year the UK celebrates the protection of Gog and Magog….like I said Google it or you tube it you will see with your own eyes the true evil in the world….

  20. Kiyoshi Ito says:

    search for "paisios prophecies" and you'll see that turkey will be attacked, in the near future, by russia and the the WW3 will erupt

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