World War III Scenario – 1962-1967 (Part 1 of 2)


A AH scenario for a third world war exploding out of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
*Update* I am currently working on the outlines for a new version of this idea, when it’s finished, it’s gonna be bad-ass.
*Update* It’ll be an ATL in which DC wins the war of currents, Albert Einstein’s father’s business doesn’t fail, and Albert decides not to become a scientist and instead becomes an influential writer and artist. Nuclear weapons are never invented, and (after a highly altered WWII) the Warsaw Pact and NATO end up going to war in a highly destructive WWIII.


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  1. Sorry I just have to say this. Damn it Spain every time

  2. Wolf-75 123 says:

    this is horse shit

  3. DexterzPlace says:

    The Soviet Union would never win

  4. ercan celik says:

    real result: less population on earth!

  5. Cloud Cop says:

    Sweden would not join in a war on the Soviets! That seems ludicrous to think that they would.

  6. kmart67620 says:

    ummmmmmmmmmm for the battle of Amsterdam there is no way how both sides could lose up to 1,000,000 men at best it would be like 55k

  7. de1stid says:

    Because they didn't have the best army back in the Cold war days so they would Rely on there weapons of mass destruction to do the work for them.

  8. de1stid says:

    hi! Ya, Scandinavia would never get involved in wars like this with the soviet union, Especially back in the cold war era. This was when Sweden was about to make nuclear weapons of mass destruction like the Soviet Union, U.K, China, India, Pakistan, USA have. But unfortunately they signed an ANTI-NUCLEAR WEAPON Pact (AFTER THE COLD WAR) but if the soviet union declared on the US and started to spread in Europ then Sweden would have never signed the pact and it would have started a nuclear war

  9. The Soviet army and the Chinese army aren't really suited to island warfare and navy warfare in general,the Japanese and the Australians are very experienced in that thing.

  10. Look many fantastic and not-real!

  11. Serbus948 says:

    S E R B I A=K O S O V O

  12. wait India helped us in afghanistan why would they not help us?

  13. Soviets crush Isreal….I'm conflicted….

  14. whit3guy says:

    are u nutz? sovjet army alone can occupy all the europe, and later the sovjet chinese army cant handle japan and australia?:) pffff….

  15. Kalle King says:


  16. Nudel Suppe says:

    hahahahahaaaaa ! Yugoslavias army was mad

  17. Fraer Bym says:

    Вы забыли учесть то,что в то время Советский Союз провел испытания самой мощной атомной бомбы в мире.Они бы разбомбили НАТО в два счета.

  18. mattaki says:

    This link reveals what the U.S. plans were. It would not have gotten this far before Moscow and Washington were nuked into oblivion. (do a search for Cuban-Missile-Crisis-Robert-Kennedys-notes-reveal-US-invasion-plans-brought-WWIII).

  19. Kaj Oces says:

    he's idiot yugoslavia was the 3rd military power.It could resistance to soviets.-.-

  20. Krazz says:

    I doubt Isreal would have been crushed.

  21. MrLuigi98 says:

    Why Venezuela (The country where im from) in this video is on the Soviet side if the president at that time was a total democrat?!

  22. The Lord PT says:

    spain conquist portugal never

  23. ilkkavu says:

    In the real world this would have escalated into nuclear war immediately.

  24. why is the map of Europe in Dansih?? lol

  25. dude yugoslavia was communist after ww2

  26. I'm not trying to anger you, or try to put down your thoght, but the USSR and USA had a "agrrement" that one would not attack if the other didn't either.
    Just saying, but if this did happen well then…..DANG!

  27. why the fuck would you ask, u actually gonna listen to this duck being ran over

  28. Carl Freud says:

    Did you make this scenario? It's good and all it's just I don't see the Philipine army invading anything. The Philipines even today is unable to adequately protect itself from modern foreign invaders even in the 1960's. I would know, I am Filipino. If invaded, citizens start a guerilla war and don't go much further than that

  29. Mr_Snippy2 says:

    What program did you use?

  30. Basically China decided to be a complete dickhead and impede the US from freeing North Korea from communism. Although Arthur was a dumb ass for crossing the river. The world should just realize that China is an enemy that is strongly against freedom.

  31. always finding that fucking war that war happens when im in my bed ok? and dont use country music to conqer jajaja

  32. Jugoslavia would join slavic communist brothers -.-

  33. fallout2281 says:


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