World War Three ‘OVERNIGHT’


NATO ON EDGE: Top military chief warns Putin is ready to start World War Three ‘OVERNIGHT’ VLADIMIR Putin could spark World War Three at any time by …


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  1. N0TS0SUBTLE says:

    Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog come down on Israel, ie Russian and Iran and/or Turkey.

  2. World War 3 Well Happen Overnight Today 3 Hours From Now, This Is From
    Yahusha Himself He Keeps Knocking On My Wall Lol I Hope it Is Him.

  3. Crazy boy says:

    you mean russia and U.S will shoot each other tonight??

  4. Keller Smith says:

    Maybe its because our government and NATO keep fucking with Russia and our government keeps fucking with China.

  5. Keller Smith says:

    Plus WW3 and the destruction of Babylon-America is in the bible.

  6. B.S. Propaganda.

  7. Russia doesn't want to invade anyone…

  8. Is there a definition of World War 3?. Certainly there is a lack of understanding among world leaders.

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