Worldbreaker Hulk Vs The Fantastic Four & Avengers! (World War Hulk Vol 3: Wrath of The Hulk)


“World War Hulk” is a comic book crossover storyline that ran through a self-titled limited series and various titles published by Marvel Comics in 2007, featuring …


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  1. what about gamma radiation is so special to where it gives unlimited strength to the hulk and why is he the only one that gets stronger when he gets mad?

  2. OMlN0US says:

    and now we have a hulk who looks like the Asian Situation from mtv miami shores

  3. 10:0010:15 stop saying stuff like that, I mean come on dude
    let a character be their own character

  4. deano brown says:

    Well is blue marvel

  5. Fuck Weebs says:

    this is so entertaining

  6. Didn't Ghost Rider almost beat the hulk in this run?

  7. ZyronDel says:

    Why does Iron Fist have this giant collar? He can't turn his head and look at anything around him.

  8. Please keep it going

  9. Lyude02 says:

    If hulk really is that mad how can he control himself, true anger should make you lose control

  10. if i remember correctly and i might be wrong but doctor strange din't use the spell that could easily destroy the hulk because hulk was gonna come back stronger he didn't used it out fear of losing his soul..and the device mr fantastic was using he was trying to synthesize the sentry's energy or cells because the sentry's energy calmed the hulk down

  11. trounbyfire says:

    so he should be able to stop every issue…not even superman get this kinda bum.

  12. trounbyfire says:

    am I the only one that hates the way Marvel Comics actually look the layout and everything?

  13. When you was talking about sue storm, the only thing I could think about was: "I don't give a damn if cosmic entities can't penetrate her force fields: if it's jessica alba's sue storm we're talking about, there's nothing about her I couldn't penetrate"…

  14. egglot12 says:

    wouldn't Thanos with the infinity gems put an end to the hulk real fast?

  15. not even retold correctly, and you ruin the ending before it even gets half way through the stories….ridiculous

  16. lol yeah I'm calm no i'm not crunch

  17. The Gwomp says:

    where's captain america?

  18. 16:18 That's what she said…

  19. I love this story HULK SMASH!!!!

  20. Abraham Kato says:

    Where was Franklin Richards during all of this?

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