Worst Woman Prisons In the World | Full Documentary 2014


Secret Societies Of Hollywood EP 1 | Undercover Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJSm2vLqTY Worst Woman Prisons In the World | Full …


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  1. M Sixty says:

    More Niggers!

  2. thatbrabgirl says:

    i definitely think their shoukd be more staff, 112 to 1 guard ? i could never do that job.

  3. It must be a coincidence that prisons are filled with the descendants of slaves.

  4. lilahdog 568 says:

    The lock sounds honestly like torture. Isolating ppl in cells for weeks without being able to shower or go outside? Ugh, what's wrong with the prison system

  5. LOL the thumbnail is straight from a porno i watched ahahahhahahahahah

  6. Haven't you heard that all prisoners are innocent????

  7. Ltscathogrls says:

    So you put a thumbnail from prono movie, pervert..

  8. Helen Frey says:

    Basically, if your in prison its because you made a choice to break the law. Makes no difference if you are poor or not. Actually if you're poor and an adult get off your lazy ass, make the effort to do something about besides feeling hard done by. Thieves are the ultimate lazy people. Murderers are the ultimate cowards. Drink/drugfuked are stupid people. Somwhere along the way a choice was made to disrespect the rights of others. I have no sympathy for them, poor or not. We ALL make our own choices. ALWAYS. And if you didn't choose to be born into a poor family then have the brains and guts to EARN your way out of it the second you think your old enough to be an adult

  9. Uche Uchendu says:

    African American community needs to put their families together. .. they re becoming disgrace with Blacks

  10. blfry says:

    So, I found out first hand that there are female guards working in most male prisons. And that many of these women enjoy hanging around the men's showers, and stare at the guys while they shower.
    My question to anyone who may know is: Do the male guards in female prisons do this too? And if not, seems a bit sexist, no?

  11. Who are we supposed to feel sorry for? Or sorry about? In some ways and in some cases, the death penalty is more merciful – but – who is to make that decision? No easy answers, folks.

  12. These women need to be send to the middle, preferably Iraq or Afghanistan. They'll be executed the first day they arrive.

  13. And I bet most of them are black

  14. Dan coleman says:

    Whats with the fucking porno thumbnail, fucking click bait

  15. Java Sanders says:

    Fuck thumbnails ! Fake , but still got me :(

  16. woman??all i see is a bunch of silverback gorillas….bunch of ugly fucks

  17. handsomecat1 says:

    If she brakes the rules she will get raped with a fist or a mop handle like wow that must hurt like hell in that vagina unless she likes it

  18. Pinky Purple says:

    No one has noticed that it is mostly blacks in jail?

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