WW3 2017 | Why The World Will End on 2017 ? Last Warning To America


Why The World Will End on 2017? Last Warning To America

The end of the world ,end of days And The End Times countdown in the book of Matthew provides an important context for the mention of the Sabbath as a divine requirement in the last days. And many of the prophecies confirmed that the end of times , end of days ,End of humanity and the end of the world will be on February 17, 2017.
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  1. just beacause Donald trumps presidint theas muthafuckas wanna end the world ??? but it did not happen thats the funny part ??????

  2. Damine says:

    these faggots of demonic capitalism calming Jesus Jesus Jesus are gonna burn in hell all them jews and roman that murder Jesus including on kin to king james

  3. Damine says:

    read my lips they speak truth but lies at same time

  4. Damine says:

    goto to hell from Abkle kin goto hell

  5. Damine says:

    sadly your racist ass blame obama for your white trash sins maybe yahheewaa sick of your dna able son fuvc you and die from kin of able

  6. well the prediction was for yesterday, and nothing happened. know why? because it already did 2,000 years ago

  7. Mona Lisa says:

    wat a babalu babalubabalubabalubabalu

  8. Now what cunt its February 17, 2017 and shit didn't happen.

  9. Bullshit. everyone is always predicting this with no avail. Its febuary 17th right now and no ww3. yall stupid dumb asshole that cry wolf!!!

  10. If the world is going to end tomorrow, how will we ever have WW3?

  11. Grace Font says:

    Why can't there just be a prediction of world peace for god sake

  12. Grace Font says:

    That is tomorrow…

  13. Mat 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Mar 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

    everytime someone sets a date, it comes and goes and creates more scoffers that say haha you said and nothing happened.

    There are still prophecies that have yet to happen before the world can end.

  14. Rez Games says:

    tomorow is the end of the world!

  15. capsual says:

    well in one hr we will know its 10.58pm 16/02/2017 gl mother fuckers

  16. 1 day, these IDIOTS will be right and the world will end…
    Well just one more day to go…
    See you all at the rapture folks!

  17. Well we will come back to this

  18. barefoot191 says:

    You know it is inevitable that we are going to die sooner or later. When that time comes we will all be judged for what we did and didn't do. As my lifeless body rots underground or is burnt into a small pile of ashes, my soul will live on forever.
    Where my soul ends up is entirely based on my actions in this short life. When my judgement comes, me and me alone, will stand in front of my creator.
    I have come to accept that and hope I am worthy of what I believe that heaven really is because I most surely have spent some of my time in a living hell that is this planet.

  19. Account One says:

    Jaden Smith will destroy the world..'If he don't get his way about something SO we better be prepared for massive temper tantrum

  20. Ww3 will start this year I believe

  21. awbeast mods says:

    anyone who has read the bible and believes in God should know that nobody will know when the world will it no one will the day nor. the hour

  22. [Warning] an idiot who thinks he can get views by posting "the end of the world" to get views has entered your area. [Warning]

  23. So many of you YOutubers need to stop telling God and us with what he is
    going to do and start asking God what he wants you to do. I have
    seen this same END OF THE WORLD Talk since 2008. Cry Wolf, Only God
    Knows You JACKASSES!

  24. I believe WW3 will happen but we can't put a date on it. No where in this world is truly safe.

  25. lol its already February 5th good luck on that revelation.

  26. Erick Nick says:

    Everyone it's fake don't worry

  27. rania m ,, stop making up lies ,,,…again

  28. useriøst pis og reklame hunter fuck u

  29. The maker of this video is a sodomite. And the only missile that will be launched on February 17 is his boyfriend's, which will go straight up his bum.

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