WW3 Alert: Putin Ready To Invade Ukraine World War Three


WW3 To Start In Ukraine 120K Russian Troops Ready To Invade Ukraine ✓ Donate $1 €1 £1 To Breaking News TV PayPal https://goo.gl/xJGfx2 ☆ Alert America …


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  1. Yakav8r55m says:

    Can't wait until THUG-ruSSiya miscalculates…mushrooms over Moscow baby!!

  2. is this some kind of fear channel?

  3. Darren Batty says:

    So exciting can't wait

  4. Chu Taylor says:

    A Course Ukraine is on alert, they just got done getting attack from the Russians. So yeah the Ukraine would still be alert.

  5. Andy Turfer says:

    Ukraine has to be the most illegitimate nation state in Europe. It's filled with a bunch of neo-nazis who are itching for a war with Russia, and doing everything they can to ignite this conflict. Russia has been extremely reasonable in its response to Ukrainian provocations, but I'm guessing Russia's patience is wearing thin – especially after the recent attempt by the Ukrainian State to commit acts of terrorism in Crimea.Russia has wiped its hands of Ukraine and has no intention to invade. Ukraine is a political and economic basket case that no-one wants (although NATO will use Ukraine's proximity to Moscow to deploy offensive weapons on Ukrainian soil – something that Russia could (and should) respond to).Ukrainians will never get visa free movement within the EU, and will never become a member state. The Ukrainians have bought this upon themselves (with the help of the militant right-wing groups).

  6. Tony Ward says:

    you left out, dick up your moms ass.

  7. Jim Bklyn says:

    Russia busy bee and gearing up for middle east show down Ukraine will be taken from within by Russia not with war.

  8. Bill Cheung says:

    Nonsense, Ukraine is a bitch working for United states of Islamic terrorist now ,

  9. Jasaply HDC says:

    It would be funny if russia accedently nuked themselfs

  10. FRY these NATO cock Suckers who is controlled by Satan cock Suckers .

  11. Vince s says:

    I wish the countrys that want war with US, would just attack,, the government its self and take out the jacked up media also.. wish we lived in a world where leaders had to fight it out lmao,, we would lose our azz in the US cause our leadership is weak

  12. U.S.A. = United Satanic Alliance. And Satan's Army is called NATO!

  13. ww3 will start 11/26/16 checkout Matthew nicholson channel newest video. obama will stay in office

  14. what you are saying is right. WW3 1st priority is to seek and destroy the rothchilds and rockers.

  15. haha..thats why usranian's pig's eat sheet..beckause ameriCUNT general treining them)))

  16. G.D. Abir says:

    While innocent people are being killed in Syria, Yemen and everywhere else, Ukrain should STFU and put a US dick in mouth.

  17. Norse Godin says:

    do you know anything about the 40 million person drill starting today?

  18. When Trump says he wants to restore relations with Russia, you Americans better fucking listen up and push aside all the rethoric along with that war criminal.


  20. fourteen says:

    yes, wars will come, Ezekiel 38,39, Isaiah 17:1, Joel 2, Psalm 83, Zechariah 12 & 14, Matt 24:6, Rev 6:8,9:15. However God has provided a way for all to be saved through the atoning death of His Son on a cross for our sins, John 3:16. If you knew how much He loves you, and how much you are worth to Him , you would thank Him for His mercies, Psalm 136. The only way to be saved is to put your faith and trust in Jesus alone to save you, Acts 16:30,31, Romans 3:23 -26, Ephesians 2:8,9, be blessed.

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