YTP: Andy the racist toy fiddler recreates World War 3 using something long, hard and woody


originally inserted 2010. ohmahgardwhydidyouchangethetitlestfuandmakemeasandwich .



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  1. And best title of YouTube poop goes to…

  2. green_gitar says:

    Drawing pad: nosy fucker arnt ya
    Woody: ARGH!!!!

  3. That postman pat face creeps me out…

  4. Mel CPPs says:

    XDDD the Bo Peep and Woody parts are the funniest lol

  5. Shmavy James says:

    the potato is the capitalist

  6. Shiki Dorus says:

    There there come here

  7. el0daniell10 says:

    song name?: 1:221:24 plz n_n

  8. 0:25 In the world of youtube poops, what would you call these kind of sequences?

  9. 1:26 I think ive seen that before…

  10. SmashLiXs says:

    woody not caring buzz suffocated is so hilarious

  11. "We're all very impressed with Andy's new toy."
    Love that song :D

  12. 2:55 Was that Colonel Sanders?

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