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  1. The juke music though! Aye! Lol! The slang hasn't changed much since I left Chicago in high school. Nothing compares to mild sauce. ?

  2. Snazzy Vee says:

    when the footwork music in the background & you can't concentrate ?

  3. mzkradams says:

    We have a little "twang" in our accents that sounds a little southern. I get that all the time too.

  4. LaLa Johnson says:

    what hair is tht……. i love it

  5. I'm tight..? (mad)… that's one slang we use in CT lol

  6. CT…
    yo that's MAD funny or
    MAD crazy or that food was MAD good lol

  7. run me my heady ?

  8. Arianna Lee says:

    Same in Detroit

  9. AeshiaG says:

    I love my city! real talk, thank you for making this video lol

  10. yasss nobody knows what MILD sauce is! Out side of chi

  11. Laureal J. says:

    There is also "match" which means you bring your narcotics and I'll bring mine and we smoke together.
    And "lost it on halsted" which is like saying somebody crazy

  12. ChicMarie says:

    Yasss Chicago come through! Okay I would add "TREAT" as in, boy don't make me treat yo ass. "Fe Fe" as in, I'm fina go hit this Fe Fe round bro crib! And "WOO WOO WOO" and "WOO WAP DA BAM" like "shawty nem walked up talking all that woo woo woo and the I'm like woo wap da bam" hahaha loved the video!

  13. the intro music tho lmao "bounce and break yo back"

  14. kids use cappin instead of tweakin now in chicago

  15. Nauti Fuqua says:

    We use the term butter like "Ohhh that hairstyle butter" it's nice, cute, poppin'. We also use Thwack it means good "That meal was thwack" I think everyone uses "as f*ck" that's my personal favorite. lastly we use To the max/ to the dickens. ex: "That movie was good to the max" or "she cute to the dickens". Ironically you use "Shawty" we use "ma, mami". I think that's it.

  16. LOL my boyfriend is from Chicago and he does all this

  17. Everybody in Chicago and Detroit are from the South mostly,so that's why you here that.lol!

  18. rhondahud88 says:

    loved this! Born on the west side

  19. chaunda pair says:

    Lol we say talkin out da side of yo mouth

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