10 Earth 2.0 Facts – WMNews Ep. 38


The following facts are literally out of this world. Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series from http://www.WatchMojo.com where we break down news …


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  1. RAZ D says:

    No one has ever been on the moon.

  2. he uploaded this on my birthday

  3. Errorcode885 says:

    I believe in aliens. Any one else?

  4. 4:26 its 1400 light years away, not 14000 :)

  5. If I Die … I want to be a spectral spectator!!!

  6. Why don't they just plant trees on the planet

  7. hysteria says:

    There is so many fascinating things going on but we are thinking about ww3, poor people

  8. I think it's funny these videos get like 200k views.but some shitty rappers get 60+ million.that's what's wrong with earth 1.0

  9. Kuro Ym Gin says:

    Earth 2.0 is not another planet is our planet 1 billion years later :/.

  10. Thanks it was helpful for my quantum mutanatity research

  11. C -KRY says:

    All i want is a photo that really close up to the surface

  12. Anti Soulz says:

    I hate getting old.

  13. after 1000+ years Kepler 452b is our new home :D

  14. what the heck. if we can live there how are we going to go there.are we going to wait the earth burst or nasa going to watch earth demolish

  15. Loki4603 says:

    Let's colonize this bitch…

  16. scarface says:

    What if earth 2.0 is way more futuristic than our earth and they have the technology to come to us

  17. hmm this is cool and all but I would be tweaking the fuck out if I knew I was going to a planet with other life on it hats off to the astronauts who are brave enough to go to the planet I could just imagine them getting out then these weird alien people just start eating them while its being broadcast to the whole world.

  18. bullshit..people are thier now

  19. Kelper is like earth in the beginning of earth

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