11+ Minutes of Arrivals and Departures in a Torrential Down-pour and High Winds


The worst weather I have spotted in since Storm Katie. Torrential downpours, high winds causing aircraft such as 777s in the start of the video to wobble about …


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  1. Nice video! Love the sheer power of the planes!

  2. Aviation 191 says:

    This is the first comment I've left on my new Note5!

  3. Beautiful vortexes… Liked :)

  4. Great video mate! You did well to stay out in those conditions! Send my regards to your camera XD

  5. Credit to you for getting up at 6:30 ? nice video

  6. Well-done, Awesome video :)

  7. Amazing Video,Love the Etihad at the Start,Big Like!!!!

  8. amazing spotting as always

  9. Nice video Mate! A big like from me

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