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2014 Breaking Information Nation Sovereignty VS United Nations Agenda 21 New Earth Order Past Days Closing Hour Information Prophecy Update

February 2014 Breaking Information United Nations Agenda 21 hyperlink to updated ongoing info http://www.iisd.ca/

The United Nations and the Future of World wide Governance http://www.cfr.org/worldwide-organizations-and-alliances/united-nations-foreseeable future-international-governance/p29122

Revitalizing World wide Governance: The Up coming Steps in the Method http://uncsd.iisd.org/visitor-articles/revitalizing-international-governance-the-upcoming-methods-in-the-procedure

Oklahoma Tea Get together Leader Al Gerhart Charged Right after Agenda 21 Threats http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/10/oklahoma-tea-bash_n_3052696.html

New Hampshire Lawmaker, States United Nations. Agenda 21 Could Ban Fishing http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/26/al-baldasaro-new-hampshire_n_3165807.html

Agenda 21 Obama advances United Nations plan of international domination http://www.coachisright.com/agenda-21-the-united-nations-plan-of-international-domination

Rio+20 (2012) The United Nations Meeting on Sustainable Improvement (UNCSD), also acknowledged as Rio 2012, Rio+20 (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁi.u ˈmajʒ ˈvĩtʃi]), or Earth Summit 2012 was the 3rd worldwide conference on sustainable progress aimed at reconciling the financial and environmental objectives of the international local community. Hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro from thirteen to 22 June 2012, Rio+20 was a 20-year follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit / United Nations Meeting on Environment and Improvement (UNCED) held in the exact town, and the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Earth Summit on Sustainable Improvement (WSSD) in Johannesburg.

The ten day mega-summit, which culminated in a three-day significant-degree UN conference, was arranged by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and included participation from 192 UN member states — which include 57 Heads of Point out and 31 Heads of Governing administration, non-public sector organizations, NGOs and other groups. The choice to hold the conference was designed by UN Normal Assembly Resolution A/RES/sixty four/236 on 24 December 2009. It was meant to be a significant-degree conference, which include heads of state and authorities or other representatives and resulting in a concentrated political document created to form international environmental plan.

Agenda 21 is a three hundred-page document divided into forty chapters that have been grouped into four sections:

Segment I: Social and Economic Proportions is directed towards combatting poverty, specially in acquiring nations around the world, shifting use designs, selling wellbeing, attaining a more sustainable populace, and sustainable settlement in choice creating.

Segment II: Conservation and Management of Means for Improvement Features atmospheric safety, combating deforestation, protecting fragile environments, conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity), command of air pollution and the management of biotechnology, and radioactive wastes.

Segment III: Strengthening the Function of Important Teams contains the roles of little ones and youth, women of all ages, NGOs, nearby authorities, enterprise and field, and workers and strengthening the role of indigenous peoples, their communities, and farmers.

Segment IV: Signifies of Implementation: implementation contains science, technological know-how transfer, instruction, worldwide establishments and economical mechanisms.

United Nations Agenda 21 World wide Dominance three hundred page document http://www.un.org/esa/sustdev/files/agenda21/english/Agenda21.pdf


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  1. Thanks for sharing very interesting and shocking that this is actually going on right before our eyes, but yet we are all so blind!

  2. UN Agenda 21 is quite active throughout the world. They are definitely all over the US via unelected regional planning boards. People who deny this are just ignorant of the facts. They also have a strong normalcy bias and little in the way of vision. Doing a simple mind exercise like comparing the US in the year 1900 to 2000 and noticing the huge differences – they would never apply such thoughts to the sustainable movement… people need to think of what we have today and then what we will have in the year 2100. This all boils down to taking away property rights. Everything is a property and nobody has rights… the state controls all. And Christianity and other religions… those will be deemed silly by the year 2100 because our education system will be sure to teach them that nature is the 'god'. One world government and one world religion (theosophy) is what you will have in 85 years if we remain ignorant.

  3. StigmataBob2 says:

    It does not matter what we think, It only maters what rich people think.

  4. StigmataBob2 says:

    Is the world overpopulated? Perhaps I should ask after you go to the store. 


    Some people may be carrying out all activities towards the preparation of hell..!! Whereas GOD in His Supremacy, Can in an Eclips of His Power Overule hell. 

    Then what hope is left for those act of inhuman? It now becomes vanity upon vanity. 

    While GOD'S steady fast Love tarries, mankind may let the gods fix their problems with GOD. While we generate noble ideas on this forum to rebuild our world. There are still GOD'S Manifold Wisdom yet untapped in our generation. Which is the more reasons World Youths are given the opportunity to factor those wisdom out to make a possitive Changes @WorldWeWant2015 and beyond. 


  7. If you don't take part in your government your government will take you apart. Quote my me

  8. (sigh) When did Americans turn into a bunch of paranoid pussy's, who see monsters, bogey men, and invaders behind every tree, and under every rock? No, the UN is not trying to, nor could they ever, seize control of the United States.

  9. Paul Revere says:

    Google these Government Doc's they will blow you mind. Kiss your ace Good bye ! Internment & Resettlement Program FM 3-39.40 , AR 210-35 Civilian Inmate labor Program , Freedom from War US Program for Total Disarmament of America, NSSM 200 Food as a Weapon study, JTRIG Spying SIG DEV Conference 2012, Stellarwind Spying on Cell Phones. Global Trends 2030 Atlantic Council, Future Earth Zones, Iron Mountain Report Blueprint for tyranny, TPP Treaty, Cloward Piven Strategy.

  10. Jack Maxwell says:

    We can see the greedy selfish puppets at work and they should be held accountable..
    But "THEY" .. Who is they..
    Wouldn't we want to publicly display who "THEY" are for starters?
    Then limit the amount of money any family can have in total to limit the amount of power any family can have over the masses??

  11. HSP D says:

    wow sec. penetta talks the highest form of treason, and nothing happens! that was the first time i ever seen his testimony! wow people

  12. Sharon Cecil says:

    Mr.Sessions is right!  I AM shocked!  We do not want international law!  Wow!  Panetta has disclosed this administration's hand!  No—the president is supposed to got to Congress mr. panetta!  Wow

  13. Rhythmista says:

    Leon Panetta is a fucking weasel, and a minion government puppet of the Obama administration..

  14. Don't be fooled if you are voting for a party you are voting for a lobbyist or coalition of lobbyists. Or a corporation or a coalition of corporations. Don't vote unless they allow independents plural

  15. The only problem I have against this video is that "the democrats against agenda 21" leaves the two party system still intact. Back to our false sense of choice. So what are we all going to do ? to vote democrat next election ? I personally will not even consider voting for a candidate that is still working within the current system. Id love to see not just one independent candidate but many !

  16. I prefer toast with jam. Jelly is not as spiritual as even marmalade to me.
    Jesus could stretch a jar of jam further than Horus. The Sun of God went past the HOReyezon. died for 3 days then re -surected on Winter solstice 12/25 to be born again to move North and PASSOVER the Equator … Honey and butter is good too.

  17. I forgot to ask if there is a part 2 because the video seem to have cut off at the end

  18. I think I will vomit. I was screaming 4 years ago at local level- then at my sister-law- president of Texas Republican women group. She finally saw the light and her response- she quit and said she was going to go play golf the rest of her life because she was too old to deal with it. That was two years ago and she has been playing golf ever since. Perfect example of the complacency of the people.

  19. Chris F says:

    What these people really want is to become one, in sync, greater than God, collectively.. That is how they would achieve to be (God) Like… But the only way to that is walk with God..

  20. Jack Regan says:

    this is complete rubbish- it's so bad I had to laugh out loud in disbelief- "half of America turned into wilderness…" come on…I'm amazed this idiot didn't tell us the earth was flat….
    The UN have saved millions of lives around the world – they have neutrality and have no corporate or state interest- get educated.

  21. When have any of these souless creatures(created, not beget) cared about anything or anyone except themselves and maintaining control over everything on this planet. Their real goal is to crush your spirit and destroy your soul. If they cared about anything, you would see societies flourishing as in the days of old, which they systematically destroyed and now want to recreate with their wicked spin on it. Do not fall for their evil agendas. They have set America up to crash and burn and every nation to hate us, in order to go back to Egypt (where it all began) and take over that area again and do the same thing.

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