21 Basic Survival Skills


Have you decided to take the Survival Mom Family Camping Challenge?  If so, you might find this list interesting and helpful. How many of these skills do you already have? Which do other family members have and which will you need to learn?

Keep in mind that these skills aren’t just limited to camping. They are basic survival skills as well, which might come in handy someday if you or your children are lost or need to evacuate to a rural area.

  • Cook over an open fire
  • Know multiple ways to start a fire
  • Know how to safely put out a fire
  • Store food safely outdoors
  • Cook on a camp stove
  • Learn how to tie a reef knot, bowline, sheet bend, clove-hitch knot and when to use them
  • Correctly sharpen a knife
  • Safely use both a knife and a hatchet
  • Identify edible wild plants and use them in recipes
  • Take a wilderness survival course
  • Learn to hunt both small and large game
  • Choose the best spot for a campsite
  • Pitch a tent correctly
  • Learn how to navigate using a compass
  • Know how to stay cool and warm when there’s no power available
  • Recognize tracks of various animals in your area
  • Know how to find water in the wilderness
  • Know how to filter and purify water
  • Know how to navigate using the sun and stars
  • Know how to survive outdoors in the winter
  • How to not get lost and what to do if it happens anyway


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  1. Stan Sikorski says:

    These are skills you will need to use at home as well if a SHTF situation arises. Maybe not in cities but in rural towns like out here in the Mid-West. Fireplace cooking is a great skill to have, as is hunting small wildlife like squirrel and rabbit.

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