21/12/12 Beginning of “Seven Years of Tribulation”


(Illuminati Defector Leo Zagami) 

In 2006 he said:

“The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you six years to prepare… So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. “

Illuminati insider and whistle blower Leo Zagami,42, sounded this urgent alarm on this site in 2007.  The Illuminati seem a little behind schedule in their plans to “Nazify the West,” but not by much. On Dec. 20 2012 —  I had a Skype interview with Zagami in Italy. Here are the main points which I report without judgment:

– Despite reports to the contrary, Leo says he returned to the Masonic fold in order to rouse Masons of conscience to oppose its objectives. He says he has garnered the support of 200 Master Masons who have joined his lodge which is opposed to the NWO. He is not welcome in normal Masonic lodges.

–  Europe is experiencing social unrest due to the economic downturn. Leo has achieved considerable recognition in Italy. He has thousands of supporters and has formed an alliance with former PM Berlusconi against the current Bilderberg appointed PM Mario Monti, who has just resigned. There will be an election in late Feb when Leo expects to enter parliament.  In fact he had just concluded a long interview with Berlusconi’s TV network when we spoke at 12.30 am Dec 21, Italian time. 

— Leo stands by the predictions below. He says the world is entering a seven year period of “tribulation” which will include social unrest and turmoil, financial upheaval and war in the Middle East. North America has been sheltered but this will not last. He expects we will “see the light” in 2019 but he “doesn’t know how many will survive.” He mentioned the plan to eliminate 3/4 of world’s population.

— Leo believes Pope Benedict is the anti-Christ. He says his opponents and the Vatican are in league against Berlusconi. The Pope excommunicated Berlusconi

— He says the Satanists have immense power and control. “They have the best Cabalists, magicians, exorcists.” You have to play the game. Out of bad, good can emerge.

— Leo drew my attention to Russian PM Medvedev’s recent comments about an “alien invasion.” He said these demons are living among us. Leo said a delegation of Italian legislators were invited to Moscow to learn more. 

—  Leo has written a trilogy on the conspiracy which has sold 10K copies in Italy and 100K in Japan. He said the visit he made to the USA in 2008 to mobilize resistance disillusioned him. He attracted only lightweights looking for a fast buck. 

— Leo mentioned the Cabalist concept of the “egregore” – the idea that concerted thought can take a concrete form. Essentially it is the power of negative thinking. He urged people to resist by thinking and acting in a positive fashion. (See, Makow, The God that Serves Elite Jews)   

Here is the 2007 article which he stands by. The significance of 21/12/12

is that it is the beginning of seven years of turmoil. Do not expect to see it right away unless you count Newtown and Sandy and the fact that the DJIA Futures are currently now down 250 because Boehner didn’t have the votes to present his Plan B.


by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

According to Leo Zagami, the Illuminati plan to “Nazify” the West by the year 2012 and persecute all believers in God, using the pretext of war, terror and economic collapse.

The scion of an ancient Illuminati family, Zagami rebelled in June 2006. He’d had enough of the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors.

On his website, he posted names of high ranking Masons who are ready to do battle with the Satanists.

“These are the end times; it’s no joke,” Zagami says in an January 3, 2007 interview on his website. 

“The cosmic alignment on the 21st of December 2012 gives you six years to prepare… So its about time you all wake up and fight for your right to stay free under one God before they take complete control and start persecuting the true believers in the one God. 

“…Get your swords and get ready to fight to defend your faith or perish…This is a war against Satan so please wake up in the western countries or you might wake up in a nightmare one morning in December 2012.”

“From 2010 you will start feeling the big changes in the air more and more but in 2012 you will have the clear evidence of the end of this civilization in front of your eyes….the total NAZIFICATION of the western countries by 2010 before the economic situation starts to badly crack for everyone. 

Then social tension will hit a peak never seen before and internal conflicts could eventually become in 2012: CIVIL WAR!”

“Are you ready to die for God and your belief in a positive change for the world or are you all a bunch of cowards in the hands of the devil, just talking and talking with no sense of reality?”

As an ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – Masonic Executive Committee (MEC) of Monte Carlo, Zagami was, until recently, a true insider, a 33rd degree Freemason, and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge. 

He was the “prince”, prepared to take over from the older Illuminati “king”, Licio Gelli.


Zagami describes the world as “a global puppet show in the hands of the usual families of idiots, who usually never change their ways century after century.”

“They all work together, including Hugo Chavez who really is helping Bush’s agenda by his theatrical performances,” said Zagami. 

Chavez is controlled by the Vatican and working with the New World Order as are all other leaders of the world’s major government’s and religions.

“This is how they operate with the top layers working together for one purpose in what they think is the perfect cover-up. Wahabi or Wahibi [the Saudis] were created by the Zionists and their English friends who think they are the lost tribe of Israel. The same happened with Arafat and the so-called Muslim Brotherhood created by the English intelligence.”

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood also might be behind Iranian leaders and the leaders of the Iraqi Insurgency. It’s all theater put on for the yokels.

In an email to me Sunday, Leo called the Iraq-Iran-Israel conflict a “foreign intelligence show” and Ahmaninejad a “well known Satanist with no real connection to Islam.”  


He said Putin’s conflict with the Rothschilds is also a “charade.” He is also Illuminati controlled. 

Zagami challenges his former colleagues in Freemasonry to “go public with your pagan satanic worship and your black magic, you bunch of cowards, that’s what I say to them. The European aristocracy has always been ruled by sorcery and black magic …have always used black magic and evil forces … for domination over their own citizens. They learned these satanic ways from their Masters in Rome who got them in turn from the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Sumerian…it’s a never ending tale of constant manipulation…of mankind.”

He says G.W. Bush is the son of “the most powerful man in the illuminati and he was built by his father and the CIA to become the ultimate Antichrist Vatican Zionist puppet;…”

“Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan and Mind War controller of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush, and they planned together the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 a long time ago when LaVey was still alive.”

He says 666 is everywhere these days: “the Hebrew equivalent of our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw”. The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English “www” transliterated into Hebrew is “vav vav vav”, which numerically is 666. 

And you definitely can’t have a business these days without a website WWW, then we have the video surveillance and last but not least the micro chipping coming up. 

“The micro chipping will be the ultimate Mark of the Beast and will put us fully in the hands of Satan and his evil controllers ready for Armageddon against the Messiah. So we need to rebel before that to help the coming back of the real Messiah.”

“All religions are corrupted by the illuminati these days including most of Islam, the Jews, the Evangelical, Protestant and the Born-Again side of Christianity, all ruled secretly by Freemasonry, the intelligence services, the Knights of Malta and last but not least the usual Jesuits so genuine [religious] dialogue is almost impossible.”


Leo Zagami sees himself as “the last idealist in the Illuminati.” 

It is a hopeful sign that courageous and decent men like him should appear at this time. It would be a far greater sin to spurn a genuine hero than to be taken in by an impostor. At the same time, the Illuminati has always feigned divisions: FDR, Hitler all championed the “people.”


The elite is building an abattoir before our eyes: the New World Order. The events of 9-11 are proof of their intent to use it. 

We have a choice: To go like sheep to the slaughter, or to take Zagami’s advice, and prepare.

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  1. ReverseTheIgnorance says:

    We can only prepare because all of the basic resources are all been controlled and monopolized by them we can only play their bad game and use it for good

  2. Wily says:

    Holy (old/new) tells us differently! The Oroborous 12/21/12 event does not dictate what the Lord has writ before the foundation were laid. Sa-tan was clueless of how the Lord, Jesus, Spirit at the time played him. The powers that be might be rushing things, the Lord is playing several hold cards, either way, Sa-tan & his minions could be set back (again) if not careful, the Lord laughs at them. The devil missed the boat and he’s dragging his human minions straight to Hell. Sa-tan will go to Hell (while bound in these odd liquid chains) foe a 1000yrs then loosed for a few days and after that he’ll be thrown into the lake of fire where the false prophet and the man of perdition has been since the end of this current age! You align w/Sa-tan by taking his brand it will be horror for you because you’ll go from earth to the lake (no Great White Thrown Judgment) of fire! Lucifer was Created by God, he was perfect in all the Created ways then sin was found in him, remember, all the angels were given a free choice just as us humans! Sa-tan had lost the battle w/the Lord (Lucifer is not even a camel fart compared to God, he’s nothing. The battle is between us (humans) and Sa-tan! Jesus sealed the devil and followers fate when He (Jesus) arose on that resurrection Sunday morn! Yes Christians will suffer at the hands of Lucifer BUT the Lord will deal very harshly w/all who dose the bidding of the devil, Woe unto them for this time will pass, eternal punishment after a billion trillion yrs it will be as it was at the beginning! The Lord won’t be mocked! The Bible is w/out a doubt the Word of God, written by man, inspired by God w/a 100 percent track record, Sa-tan has always been playing catch up to the Lord. We just don’t say ‘believe it’ with out the Lord’s sweet Spirit affirming we’re Saved! The demons tremble when His Spirit w/the Lord’s redeemed! Time to wake up, the door is closing! Bad for Sa-tan, the red moons in late 014 & early 015, woe unto all! What about 1/11/13, 2/11/13 … The Lord tells us! Remember, Sa-tan hates all, even those that do his bidding, ask Crowely, Hux etc!

  3. Farm says:

    Free human they will say he is hear in the inner room or there in the garden, but Christ will come in a cloud of Glory. The false messiah is already here in europe.

  4. Rudy ! says:

    The REAL Messiah is Joshua, Jesus, the SAVIOUR who died 2.000 years ago for our sins at the Cross. That’s enough that you have to know. The FAKE Messiah will appear sooner or later helped by the False Prophet of teh Vatican …

  5. free human says:

    satan and its demons are clearly everywhere nowadays… going forward with their NWO..
    but my question as a christian in heart is.. how do we know where and who the actual messiah is? where can we look for him? he should already be born if is supposed to appear in 6-7 years and guide us to salavtion.. how can we know and trust the real one taking in consideratiuon all the deceives, lies , impostors ?

    • Believer in the Almighty says:

      Hello my friend! Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior “Christians Messiah” will descend from the heavens when the time comes for Him to take His bride home. Please know that the coming of Christ will be visible to all. “Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” —Matthew 24:30

    • The Truth says:

      Free Human

      The Son our Lord and Saviour, our Holy Lord God Almighty’s ,our Heavenly Fathers Son has been born(resurrected) 3 days after His crucifiction death, by the power of His Fathers Holy Spirit and received an immortal body at that time.
      You, can also be sure that you know Him when He comes because of the same Holy Spirit of our Heavenly Father abiding in you.
      First you must seek the Kingdom of our Father,(GOD) The Lord God Almighty.
      This you must do by obeying His commandments and learning about what He wants His children to become for Him not what the world wants you to become.
      Then by knowing the true one and only Father, He will then lead you to the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ to be called for His purpose and born of His precious Holy Spirit.
      Then ALL things shall be added unto thee.
      Call out Jesus name and come to Him with an humble and pure heart and ye shall be saved.

      Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you

      If you have been saved and have been borne into the Family of our Lord God Almighty,our Heavenly Father read Revelation and be blessed. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom and knowledge in Jesus’s name, and it shall be done.

      Peace be unto you


  6. Rudy ! says:

    You can only pray …

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