(2/5) Timewatch The Forgotten Volunteers World War II



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  1. Stuart Grant says:

    Well this is an education. A point of view not mentioned until now.

  2. stephen1206 says:

    my grandad was in 7th indian
    in all the battles in burma

  3. StPaul76 says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for posting this. Just filled one gap more in my knowledge of history.

  4. If only Churchill would've let Wavell finish the job rather than getting distracted in Greece.

  5. 2bn442RCT says:

    It seems that almost every time a Politician tells military leaders what to do or places pressure on them to act it turns into a mess.

  6. Alan Heath says:

    @2bn442RCT It was not just Greece. Significant amounts of troops went to beat the Italians in Abyssinia and put down the revolt in Iraq.

  7. Alan Heath says:

    I would be curious to know how the gentleman interviewed knew how the Germans attacked at the time they said they would attack. Perhaps Rommel was ringing him to let him know!

  8. Alan Heath says:

    I thought I was the only person outside the US who had a negative opinion of Montgomery!

  9. 2bn442RCT says:

    @alanheath. I have a negative and positive opinion of him. As a political leader he was just plain awful. I wished Harold Alexander had commanded 21st Army Group, who was completely opposite to Monty's ways. He was respected and liked by his own men who worshiped him. How he changed the 8th Army around was truly amazing. In America the British receive little credit for anything.

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