2Pac – Hold Ya Head


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  1. godam ya niggas don't realize

  2. Robert Ervin says:

    every time I hear this I think about my boy shark Rip foreal

  3. will Coleman says:

    best album in rap history

  4. SinSignia says:

    God bless the child that can hold his own

    Indeed, enemies bleed when I hold my chrome

    Let these words be the last to my unborn seeds

    Hope to raise my young nation in this world of greed

    Currency means nothin' if you still ain't free

    Money breeds jealousy, take the game from me

    I hope for better days, trouble comes naturally

    Running from authorities 'til they capture me

    And my, aim is to spread mo' smiles than tears

    Utilize lessons learned from my childhood years

  5. most emotional depp pac song i swear even better than life goes on

  6. so emotional. :'(

  7. Byron Seals says:

    this is my favorite rapper I might rap and continue his story and history cause that my twin

  8. shuan bomb says:

    this is forever my shit. Love pac no other mc better. never will be. the story of this thug life and society as a whole in genral. The world is one big ghetto with the government making money scheming and ploting. laws everybody. But thank youy pac for telling me hold my head

  9. G-Shock says:

    This track is basically Keep Ya Head Up Pt.3 lol

  10. Now they say Panda SMH

  11. dapitbull408 says:

    happy birthday

  12. Me and TUPAC the same eyes ,and I am the resurrection,both bodies GOD LOC.

  13. "Do u see em" "I see em"- 2 unknown people.

    "Im alive" – Tupac

  14. Kxmakaze XBL says:

    I still know he alive they can't kill somebody this real

  15. "let me paint a perfect vision/ this life we living/ got us all meeting up in prison/"… rise above the BS my young black brothers

  16. Definitely one of his many best. Hold ya head!!!!!!!

  17. Choziec D says:

    Tupac Crucified Like Jesus Did

  18. Joseph Rawls says:

    wow just listen really just listen to the lyrics.

  19. Joseph Rawls says:

    currency means nothing if you aint free…take the game from me.

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