3300 Missile Warheads Intercepted Close To Home: Were They Headed To America For Terror Attacks Here?


3300 missile warheads and a missile making machine were recently intercepted in Jamaica and authorities have no idea where they were headed or what they were going to be used for. With government agencies warning of terror attacks to come here in America, have the terrorists upped their game to missile warheads or was this a secretive black-op CIA shipment going to terrorists in the Middle East that got shut down? Video coverage of this story begins at the 40 second mark.

3300 Missile Warheads Intercepted Close To Home Were They Headed To America For Terror Attacks Here

Jamaican authorities have seized 3,300 warheads and a missile-making machine at the port of Kingston and sought help from international police in tracking the shipper, Jamaican media reported Friday.

The unauthorized arms shipment was discovered Thursday afternoon in a police and customs operation carried out at a berth of Kingston Wharves, the RJR News site reported.

A high-level investigation has been launched, and Jamaican police have asked for assistance from international law enforcement, the news service said.

It was unclear from any of the reports of the seized ordnance how large the warheads were, what type of launch device they were intended to arm or whether the shipment’s end destination was Jamaica or another country.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    When it has to do with weapons running you can be damned sure that Zionists and the CIA are involved. Just ask (and impeach) Eric Holder and his handlers.

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