5 CREEPIEST “Lost Tapes” Which Were Found!


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  1. DiamondHeart says:

    Your accent is so f*cking hot omfg iskdjaoxnsisldkozjsbyjbskrkeuxisxjepsb….

  2. where's the scene of the man in the catacombs seeing something?

  3. John Obryant says:

    not real…. although it is interesting than the least his fabricated stories

  4. Tanner Fox says:


  5. Number four is outlast?

  6. matt indoe says:

    Why do i only watch this shit at night time??? and why does the very first one have to be creepy as fuck!!!

  7. BF3_Pilot says:

    no mental hospitals are good. even the one my girlfriend is is, is terrible who know why any are still open

  8. why do you turn the letter H into a word by saying Hache

  9. just watched this with my husband, some interesting and freaky things in our world.

  10. TheDirthound says:

    That Bjork guy is a total fag!

  11. the best part about this video is discovery just how classy Björk is! the level of maturity, understanding and off the chart empathy she has for sending the family of her severely troubled stalker is outstanding and we should all take note that even in the worst/evil/dark/twisted/confusing/sad etc situations… good can be seen. Not a fan of Björk music but I'm a huge huge huge fan of Björk the human :)

  12. Audree 1 says:

    so did suicide man autopsy show he was under the influence or what

  13. Conal says:

    Your. Accent feck ! It's sore on the ears.

  14. Mitsy Plays says:

    ivee seen the first one before

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