6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer


Elizabeth Renter

Big Pharma would make tens of thousands of dollars off of your cancer diagnosis. They wouldn’t give you a real solution, but would merely prolong your illness so you can continue to spend your savings (and beyond) on their toxic cancer drugs. What the medical industry doesn’t seem to want to discuss (in addition to a cure) is how to prevent cancer. The fact is: cancer is preventable.

Cancer rates have climbed significantly over the past 100 years and that’s due, in part, to our diets and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, we can take this knowledge and take big steps towards cancer prevention. Best of all, we can start now.

6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

In addition to eating these cancer-fighting foods, here are 6 simple ways to prevent cancer:

  • 1. Eliminate Processed Foods – Processed carbohydrates and sugars are cancer fuel. They feed cancer cells and essentially help them grow. Eliminating these foods ensures you don’t have a cancer-friendly environment waiting for the cancerous cells to arrive. At the very least, avoid all processed sugars and foods, instead getting any sugar from natural fruits.
  • 2. Exercise – As Dr. Mercola reports, exercise can reduce your risk of cancer and improve cancer treatment outcomes. Go outside and walk in the sun, do some strength training, and improve balance and flexibility with yoga. Exercising outside can be especially beneficial.
  • 3. Increase Vitamin D – While you are outside exercising in the sunshine, you’ll already be ahead of the game, creating natural vitamin D for immune function and immediately reducing your cancer risk. Don’t underestimate the connection between vitamin D and cancer reduced cancer risk.
  • 4. Optimize Essential Fat Consumption – The modern western diet is laden with omega-6 fats and deficient in omega-3s. Normalize your ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats by reducing your consumption of omega-6 by limiting the use of processed vegetable oils.
  • 5. Minimize Radiation Exposure – You can minimize your risk of radiation exposure simply by using your phone less. Use speakerphone when you can to avoid holding the cell phone to your head. Never sleep with your phone next to you on your pillow. (Don’t laugh, you would be surprised at how many people do this). Also, reduce your exposure to medical scans including x-rays and CT scans.
  • 6. Sleep Plenty and Reduce Stress – Cancer thrives in bodies that are imbalanced or otherwise unhealthy. A stress-free and well-rested person is naturally a healthier person. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and doing everything you can do eliminate what has been called the mother of all disease – stress.


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