911 Flights Their Numbers Were Not Even on the Arrivals Board


This video provides information that the 911 flight numbers were not on the arrival board. The N644AA registry for the fake Flight 77 flight has never been …


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  1. Ghenghy says:

    Good stuff, subbed.

  2. Stan Dando says:

    How long does it take to to fly from the Eastern Seaboard to Los Angeles? I would bet its longer than it takes to clear the incoming arrivals board. Be very careful when it comes to the credibility ofthis movement – if you undermine it, you are worse than the group that did this.

  3. propilot155 says:

    Your knowledge among the aviation world proves that you are a very clueless individual regarding anything aviation related for posting this……..

  4. propilot155 says:

    That's a nice speech…….. Your still clueless about aviation. Good try though.

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