A Gallery of Smirking NeoCons and NeoLibs


by Zen Gardner

Ever notice the smug, smirky look of the Neocons, as well as the leading Neolibs? Cocky bunch.

When I saw Bill Kristol on Fox calling for a troop invasion of Libya and spewing the same old Neocon Zionist propaganda, it just all came together. And don’t forget, they’re all on the same team, right, left or center. I’ve included a gallery of “Neolibs” after the Neocons–you’ll see the same disgusting looks of smug arrogance and disdain.

Check back for updates, this list is bound to grow…enjoy.

Meet the Smirks

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words


Nice mug, CFR Bill. Feeling a little overconfident will all your “inside info”?


Bill’s boss at Fox, Rupert Murdock, king of smirk, looking a lot like Big Brother…in partnership with Jobs on project..


Seriously deformed…


Joe ‘permasmirk’ Lie-berman…


Smug just oozes when you work directly for the Rothschilds….


Nasty people…



Reagan was loaded with Illuminati credentials and sported a constant smugness…


Billionaire Zionist puppet Bloomberg smacks one on…


It just comes naturally to these guys…


Money, power and selling out apparently is something to be proud about…ask Aahhhhnold.

He grew up admiring Hitler and wanting to be a dictator. Nice. ‘Velcome to Ahmedika’


This guy reeks of evil…..Lewis Libby…subhuman Neocon Zionist go-fer..

Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz–bad to the bone war profiteering Neocon Zionists
Smug John Bolton–always screaming for attack on Iran..everyone plays their part..
Netanyahu clearly knows he owns Obama….
“Down Pat” Robertson has God on his side…what more do you need?


Puppet politician John Boehner….classic, and freakish


Couldn’t help it…now look again at Boener..see what I mean?


Neocon architect William F. Buckley Jr., Knight of Malta, CFR and Bilderberg Group Member

…the captain of arrogant smirk..


Making smug a way of life…


Yes, they’re laughing at us, the ignorant masses they find so easy to deceive and be led by the nose….time’s almost up, boys.


Scary smirk Chertoff. Dang he’s creepy…

making millions on backscatter machines while irradiating the world


Here’s a two-fer…Rumsfeld and Limbaugh. I guess some people just know better than the rest of us….

Let’s not forget the Neolibs…the other side of the same coin


“Told ya I’d get my way in Chicago…”…like many here, sports dual Israeli/US nationality

Guess where the first loyalty lies, besides themselves?


Bozo even smirks with nothing upstairs…


Hillary just revels in power


I guess smirking is a gift that comes with being better than everyone…


Where smug and smirky meet slime…Illuminti sell out Bubba Clinton


And how’s the “carbon credit” business working out for ya, Al?

Fat ‘n happy and on board with the globalist agenda…


Pelosi “meaner than a snake” according to fellow politician…


Smug smirks take on new dimensions with this cardboard puppet….


He’s just SO GOOD at it, deserved an encore…


Seems to run in the “first family”….not a first in my book, however….


“Thank you, O Lucifer, Bringer of the New Dawn, that I am nothing like the others I’m working to exterminate…”


Berlusconi of Italy—just to let you know smirking is a global problem….

Speaking of which, France has the disease too, in a big way…


A good, quality Rothschild smirk! Etienne Alphonse de Rothschild….my, he’s a cocky bastard…


They’re everywhere! Rachel Maddow – Life is good when you’re always right…


But who can “Trump” a petrified smirk?

There are many more…

Remember, these people will stop at nothing to get their way, and in no way are representing anyone but the Elite overlords.

It is staggering to see them so obvious in their arrogance.

Fear not, their time is “but for a moment”.

For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.

But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. (Ps.37)

Love, Zen


3 Responses

  1. s kauf says:

    many of these have been chemically altered in an apparent castration which produce the upturn look of the mouth

  2. Watcher465 says:

    When you live a life of wealth, no stress and the arrogance of accepting you are untouchable that’s what you do. Smirk and enjoy yourself. Then you play games with other peoples lives just so you can stay rich. Even though you never earned the money in the first place you were just a lucky bastard. All Jews are “lucky bastards”. Their god is the one widely known as satan. All I know is their god is evil, vile & Levi.

    • s kauf says:

      u nothing of every day folks. these evil ones are pertially human descendants of hybrid off-worlders and are more closely aligned with the vatican if anything we know of. ur misunderstanding is quite common and is an effect of the giant ruse on all the people. blaming it on the jews or the poles or the spaniards or whatever is all part of the evil ones intent and u fall for it utterly.

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