A Must See Documentary : Who is the True Leader of the New World Order ?


From 9/11 to secrets societies, is no more a secret, a must see. Best Documentary About New World Order and Secret Societies Conspiracy.


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  1. Who is the True Leader of the New World Order ?

  2. wrbk says:

    This seriously needs more than 28k views.

  3. Lou Dobbs did not friggin die in a shoot out at his home, you throw your research into doubt by using false info

  4. We all could get into a lot of trouble if we disagree with what the Satanist government says about buildings 7, & 9/11.

    We all must say "yes steel buildings can just all of a sudden fall down" And we must all also believe that simple office fire contents, can bring down a steel building to powder and dust within a few hours of burning

    Well, we all will say we do believe any and every word that the united states government and the Cia spouts out as we all are well aware what could happen to us if we say what we really think with our own brain.

    I believe them, but billions don't.

  5. Free Radical says:

    This is stupid.A 3 hour video with 30 minutes of actual value.(Im being generous) Maybe spend more time researching your subject and less time in the edit station.Most of this is stolen intellectual property.When you don't credit the original source,and pass it off as your own,it's theft.
    #FF Fucking.Fail.

  6. Anyone wanting to know the truth about the Illuminati and the New World Order can find some surprising info here, https://sites.google.com/site/toowolvesnet/home

  7. Saul Slash says:

    Once you wake up. You will see it all around you. You will be able to feel the fear of others in despair. Don't be controlled. Think for yourself and family. Amen.

  8. I have the same penny and I was wondering if they have any value because I have two of them right now. I've always thought that they were made in Spain or some Latin country

  9. The satanic worship pedophile Jews aka the chosen people are the real leaders.

    When you fuck with the devil what you going to get is mass killing, and the destruction of the entire planet.

  10. The White Race is the Devil

  11. Andrew_koala says:

    30:04 What is this : THERE IS NO QUESTION WHEATHER ???

    Is this a new word of an illiterate nation, of a dumbed down illiterate population who pay thousands to go to University and get a Kellogg's Cornflakes degree and cannot spell ..
    America has become an illiterate nation where even the alleged 3rd world countries have a better education system and where people speak read and write in multiple languages.
    Americans can barely manage to write in English.
    Truly pitiful and shameful.

    To whomever wrote the text should be fired and sent back to kindergarten to start over.

    weather : — Conditions that comprise the state of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and wind

    Whether : – Expression of a doubt or question / Introduction of alternatives

    But Wheather … What is that ?

    Is it any wonder that people in Eastern countries see Americans as big talking brain dead dumb jackases

  12. Andrew_koala says:

    32:00 The whole world knows that The United States has weapons of mass destruction and a government full of insane sociopaths and clowns who cannot be trusted, ..

    Why does anyone even vote for these clowns. Surely you know it is not going to make any difference to their behavior and agenda. Are you honestly that dumb to believe that voting for any of these puppets will make a difference to your life and living standards ?/ Wake up people.. Go and seize control of your country by whatever means you can — is it possible that 150 million people cannot get together on the streets at the same time, go and locate and arrest and jail 4000 clowns and place them in jail … … Do you need pacifiers to suck on … ????

  13. MsTaly99 says:

    The Actual Roman Catholic cult never believed that Jesus was who he claimed to be they just allowed everything to fall where it did finalizing with the merging of the cultures of the pagans and Christians instituted by Constantine the great! Ever since this period the Roman Catholic cult has high jacked the message of the savior! All for the sole purpose of controlling the masses not by force but rather religious doctrine ordained by The almighty creator! Anyone to question this authority were to labeled as heretic and traitor the the crown albeit which ever or country that might harness that crown of power! The Jesuit arm is the arm of force dispatched to silence the opposition to the crown! All who refuse papal rule over the world! The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn't exist! I say the greatest trick is the hidden in plain site tactic that is employed by one of the most vile civilizations ever to exist! The Romans always believed in ancient mythological Gods they never believed in Jesus; but rather seen it more productive to allow you to believe what ever you want so long as you Taxes are upto date and PAID IN FULL! Your money is a representation of your personal sacrifice " blood sweet " and when you pay your tithes its your personal blood sacrifice! Jesus said to be in church is to be in the company of 2 or more God fearing, loving people ministering the word of God! No steeple is a place of God IMO! You think my info comes from no where?! You tell that to my deceased Sicilian father who was mafia affiliated who would always quote " the churches and governments are the original mafias of the world!" Where do you think we learned all of our wicked ways !

  14. MsTaly99 says:

    Ok Lou Dobbs wasn't assassinated lol everything was on point till that point! Guy is still on Fox Business giving hell to the NWO!

  15. Anti NWO says:

    If you do battle with the NWO and all the money and technology they have stolen from you then you will be fighting them for centuries with no favorable end. But if you go after the NWO members themselves and eliminate them then it is VERY easy to destroy them. If NWO members can be identified then they can be located. If they can be located then they can be assassinated, slam dunk, game over. The mass assassinations of the 10,000 strong hierarchy of the NWO can all be assassinated all in one night world wide with a mass, compartmentalized and organized strike force. Once their assassinations are successfully performed then phase 2 must go forward: arrest EVERY NWO conspirator, associate, comrade in arms, sympathizer, politician, military commander, law enforcement officer…federal or state, doctor, bio-researcher/scientist, pharmaceutical, corporation and ceo therein, and all others who can be clearly connected to the NWO who has/had complete knowledge of their support of the NWO directly or indirectly. After their arrests, they are to be judged as international terrorists and re-educated and then placed on probation without any hope of ever serving in any position of power or influence ever again. Meanwhile phase 3 then goes into effect which is the mass production of a newly founded intel organization with every country having their own version of it, to police the business world as well as the educational establishments and governments, philanthropic organizations and militaries for any similar threat attempting to re-grow in any society. Every government should enact a four year political term limit which greatly cuts down on any new NWO getting a new foot hold. If any of you out there really want to destroy the NWO then this is how you do exactly that, perform the tasks mentioned above behind the scenes and the NWO will be history.

  16. Andrew_koala says:

    To show what a hypocrite and a fool this George Bush iz and it becomes plainly clear, when he talks about democracy — yet never mentions that countries could have a democratic vote and decide if they wish to be part of any NWO .. and has Bush or others ever produces a constitution so people would know what they are signing up for ….


    Because countries do not have a choice …
    America will pursue the agenda of the Jewish Zionists.
    The Western Christian Zionists ( The Financial Elite ) have joined forces with them to spare them-self from the coming total and complete enslavement of the world population.
    … The people of countries where the IMF has control are already enslaved, but not near enough.. — THe countries where the IMF has no power in yet are termed as Axis of Evil …
    Where in fact the converse is true.
    Another conquest by force …. The mu'SLiM, and árab countries with the (Eastern) Orthodox Christians are in alliance to defend them-self from the scourge of Western ideology of false democracy, and corrupt economics and financial system, the communist countries join those who represent the freedom of economic enslavement and corruption.

    Many Europeans will join the mu'SLiMS to fight against the slave of Shaytan ( USA & Britain ) and the West will be defeated. Then utter chaos will ensue for 40 days.
    Only then when Jesus ( pbuh) returns will he restore calm. — Then 40 years after that the world ends in total destruction. No one and nothing survives.

  17. Andrew_koala says:

    50:20 So to prevent the dangers of disorder , the US will control and prevent it by creating its own disorder, by killing and maiming millions of people , destroying countries, destroying homes, infrastructure and creating a massive refugee crisis bigger than that of WW II ….. How is that plan helpful or logical ?
    And when you destroy countries, homes and families, amongst those that survived there will inevitably be those who seek revenge for your evil actions. And you know that.
    And you claim those actions to be terrorism .. When in fact you started the terrorism in the first place by interfering in the affairs of sovereign states and setting up your military bases there as a threat to adjoining nations.

    America is controlled by the most evil and corrupt sociopaths without empathy, thinking only of their own ass…
    How evil and powerful they are … 4000 people can control some 300 million helpless frightened people whom they subjugate … and those people are in a dream thinking they have democracy and freedom. Some have woken up and the others have been dumbed down by a 3rd world education system and the use useless magazines, Sport and TV to stifle their thinking.

  18. Andrew_koala says:

    1:30 Gordon Brown following Barak Obama like a trained puppy. Heel Gordon. Heel !

  19. eye615 x says:

    best I have seem we need to destroy the NWO!

  20. John C says:

    Geez , don't you want to just reach over and strangle those 3 liars, total lies.. over and over.. wow

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