A War Israel is Just Begging for an Excuse to Start


Gilad Atzmon
Veterans Today

Just hours after the attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defence Minister Ehud Barak were quick to announce that Iran and the Hezbollah were behind the attack.

In fact, it didn’t take the Israeli PM more than two hours to blame another country for committing an act of war on Israeli citizens in a third country’s territory.

Of course, Netanyahu didn’t provide any evidence to support his thesis. In fact, even today, three days after the attack, no clear leads suggesting any Iranian or Hezbollah’s connection are available.

What was it then that made Netanyahu so determined? Is it because he himself was privy to the knowledge that Israeli agents have been murdering Iranian scientists for years?

Did Netanyahu react the way he did because he thought to himself that considering Mossad’s assassinations in Tehran, Israel may well have brought on itself an Iranian retaliation? Was Bibi projecting?

I obviously do not have access to Netanyahu or Barak’s minds, but Israel has certainly by now made it clear that its desperation to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, even if such an attack would escalate into a global nuclear conflict.

In order to grasp such morbidity we have to bear in mind that collective self-annihilation is inherent to Israeli culture. As it happens, the story of Masada and Samson, both heroic suicidal narratives, are cherished in Israel.

Yet, as much as Netanyahu and Barak are keen to launch a world war, it is far from being clear whether the Israeli masses are quite as keen to sacrifice themselves on the Jewish national altar.

I guess that both Barak and Netanyahu’s rush to blame Iran must be seen as an indication of their clear eagerness to attack the country.

By now, the two Israeli leaders have managed to rid themselves of any significant voices against such an attack.

The former head of Mossad Meir Dagan and IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Askenazi, both of whom opposed military action against Iran, are now excluded from any decision-making process.

Veteran Major-General Shaul Mofaz, the leader of the Kadima party, who also opposed an attack on Iran, left Netanyahu’s coalition last week.

It seems as if no one within the Israeli cabinet is there to stop Barak and Netanyahu’s genocidal enthusiasms.

Furthermore, from an Israeli military perspective the current chaos in Syria is interpreted as a ‘window of opportunity’. Israeli generals assume that Assad’s regime, fighting for its survival, would refrain from joining any attack on Iran.

Many Israelis believe that without Syria’s backing, Hezbollah also would stay out of it. In Israeli military terms, this means that the north of Israel is in no imminent danger of Hezbollah’s medium and short range missiles – at least for the time being.

The Israelis are, as usual, deluded. For some peculiar reason, they fail to grasp the possible devastating consequences of such a conflict. Barak, for instance, commented ‘optimistically’ last week that a clash with Iran may ‘cost the lives of up to 500 Israelis.’

The ‘B’ Brothers – Bibi and Barak

First, it is interesting to learn about the ease in which an Israeli Defence Minister is happy to sacrifice 500 of his people.

Second, it is far from being clear on what Barak’s estimate is based.

Considering the common assumptions that Iran would retaliate immediately launching a first wave of more than 1500 missiles in the direction of Tel Aviv, Barak must believe that each Iranian rocket is capable of destroying no more than one third of an Israeli. Barak is indeed an optimist.

Military analyst doubt whether Israel possesses the military capacity to hit Iran and imperil its nuclear project. Earlier this year, American analysts suggested that the Israeli Air Force doesn’t posses the necessary might to attack Iran.

For example, it lacks the airborne re-fueling capacity needed to dismantle the Iranian nuclear project.

And it is far from being clear whether Israel would attack Iran without an American green light and it is widely accepted that it is more than unlikely that Obama would provide such an approval ahead of the American election.

I guess the meaning of it all is pretty simple: whether Israel attacks Iran is obviously an open question. However, we have a clear indication that the Israeli leadership is more than keen to do so.

Barak and Netanyahu are begging for a pretext to launch a global conflict. The meaning of it is totally is clear – the Jewish state and its pro-war lobbies are the ultimate threat to world peace.

This threat must be taken care of immediately, by whatever means necessary, for the safety of all of us, including Israelis.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

The Scenario of Israel Using It’s Missiles Seems to Not be Discussed for Some Reason.


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13 Responses

  1. Dan Gilfry says:

    There has never been a Holocaust but I sincerely hope Iran can pull one out of the hat now!
    Then we human beings could have peace on OUR planet!

  2. Gilad Atzmon is full of shit! No leader is HAPPY to kill 500 of its citizens yet every leader must analyze the consequences of such an attack. This guy writes like a little kid thinks!

  3. Linda says:


  4. Ponce says:

    The US are the ones that always has to pay for the Zionists wanabe control of the world, how many more American lives will it cost before the people will finally wake up?

  5. shleb says:

    Excuse me lol!… The middle east is much more complicated than you make it. That unionist nwo bs is the exact same kind of crap that Hitler used to attack the Jews. They have a right to protect themselves against such hatred and when all those countries go at them I will cackle because they will be crushed as sure as there is a day or night!

  6. AINOON DAVIES says:

    That country has been a problem for humanity since the dinosaurs were wiped out but I will say that not all Jews are Zionist and not all Jews agree with what’s happening.

  7. crlzmte says:

    It simply means that life as we know it will again be transformed. “Archetype: The Rebel and the Powerful Person” The tide is starting to change. Karma is unfolding for Humankind. Gone are the soft aspects from Jupiter in Libra to Neptune and Pluto (late 2004 through September 2005). Gone are the days when the words “Trust me,” meant you could trust the person who said them. Gone are the days when one is no longer held accountable for their decisions, and people believe in the promise that “things will get better.” Gone are the days when people believe in the wisdom of their leaders’ visions, or the faith that “Father knows best.”

    Welcome to a new world of reality – and not “Reality TV.” Welcome to a world in which promise and vision are not enough to carry the day, or to get the vote. Welcome to a new world in which real progress and constructive change will take hard work and effort by people who are dedicated to the cause, and not just the personal glory or favorable financial position the role used to bring. Instead of “who do you know,” the path to advancement and promotion is changing to “How well can you manage, and how competent are you?” Cronyism is out, and accountability and performance are in.

    If you want to succeed in the next 15 years, you have to get past the urge to hype, past the urge to feed into fear, past anything that is not real… and be accountable. If you want to succeed, you will have to be patient, dedicated to something beyond yourself, and able to apply all the spiritual and life lessons you have learned over the past few decades in your daily life. It is no longer about “me,” and what others can do to help “me” get what “I” want, regardless of whether I really deserve it or not. It’s about the world, the group you belong to (socially or professionally), and how you can contribute to the greater whole. Anyone who thinks they can make it on their own will find out… they are alone, and it will be a lonely place. Everyone will need a little help from their friends, as the Beatles once sang, and to get it, you have to be a friend and give a little help. This is the message of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto forming a T-square to one another, and all entering cardinal signs (2008-2014) for the first time since 1930-1931. It is the message of Saturn and Pluto in the downside of their cycle (2001-2020). It will require conscientious regard for the impact one’s actions will have on the well being of all others with whom one is associated. It is possible to succeed big time, of course, but not by the same means used in the past.

  8. Stan Sikorski says:

    Once again: If Isntreal attacks Iran, and I would hope all Arab states capable would jump that sh*tty little cuntry, Russia as well, then jews here in the USSA had better pack up and find someplace else to go. If they don’t they WILL be removed. I personally guarantee it.

  9. moazzam ali says:

    The only place left to go for this zionist asshole Netanyahu and and his maverick cohorts is HELL , so go attack Iran , and you will find your place in Hell. These are people without conscience. There forfathers tried to crucify Jesus. Now they want to crucify the whole humanity .Shameless zionists.

  10. Sadek says:

    Anyone who knows anything about anything will know that Mosad, as usual, is behind this attack on its own citizens and that’s precisely why the arrogant satanic Zionist, Natty, is so insistent: it’s another orchestrated incident like the rest before to set a scene for whats’ to come. The Zionist has no conscience for slaughter – even if it has to be Jew! And the bigger the numbers, the better: it serves their purposes and it’s done – period! Remember 9/11? Of course not – because they convinced the whole world: they have the world by the “balls” already. They’re just sowing their diabolical seeds of mischief as they’ve done throughout time – and they do it so well: mayhem and convincing and the goyim and sheeple swallow all the shit they dish out all the time – then they sit back and laugh. They know … who’s gonna do anything about it – huh?!!! Most of the goyim and sheeple do not realise that one of their main objectives is to cull the population of the world to a figure they have decided is ideal. Will we ever to get real?

  11. Obaid Karki says:

    Bibi-The-Asshole BLUFFED the Whole World that Israel will Nuke Iran Last April…Here’s July. No-Firework. Wha ar yo want’ for Dumbass? War Israel is Begging for an Excuse to Start my Ass. before Syrians expose Israel’s Stooopid Secrets affair with Hezbollah MuthaFuka & Iran Dickheads to Rig Arabspring.
    Here’s Gilad Atzmon of Veterans Today insulting our Stooopidity Reports:

  12. Dan Gilfry says:

    You have to remember that the Jews have been planning this third world
    war of theirs since 1897, when they had their first New World Order
    conference in Basle, Switzerland.
    This coming war is the final war, the one in which they cull their human slaves
    and plunge the world into darkness – Satan’s New World Order!

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