Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order ø


NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website,d.dmg
===~~-___=====☁☢☁✈ NASA Admitting to Spraying Aerosols
( aka ) Chemtrails

The reality about the UNITED STATES, Legislation & YOU… YOU Will need TO Observe THIS! ! ! Be sure to SHARE ! ! !

Climate weapons:
the darkish planet of environmental warfare free/lobster62/lob62-weather conditions-wars.pdf

Extensive Record of Climate Modification Patents links-to-geoengineering-patents/

NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website,d.dmg

United we stand, Divded we slide. Be sure to enjoy with anyone you wish to assist.

The reality about the UNITED STATES, Legislation & YOU… YOU Will need TO Observe THIS! ! ! Be sure to SHARE ! ! !

they want us to acknowledge this application
Sadly for the people of the planet everything is likely according to the New Environment Get Approach. But what is this New Environment Get Approach? In a nutshell the Approach is this. The Dark Agenda of the mystery planners of the New Environment Get is to reduce the world’s population to a “sustainable” degree “in perpetual equilibrium with nature” by a ruthless Inhabitants Handle Agenda by means of Inhabitants and Replica Handle. A Mass Culling of the Folks by means of Planned Parenthood, harmful adulteration of drinking water and meals provides, launch of weaponised gentleman-manufactured viruses, gentleman-manufactured pandemics, mass vaccination strategies and a prepared 3rd Environment War. Then, the Dark Agenda will impose on the considerably minimized planet population a international feudal-fascist point out with a Environment Governing administration, Environment Religion, Environment Military, Environment Central Financial institution, Environment Currency and a micro-chipped population. In small, to kill 90% of the world’s population and to manage all elements of the human condition and hence rule all people, all over the place from the cradle to the grave.
WAKE THE FUCK UP Folks Study everything when we still can


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33 Responses

  1. SuperGreg45 says:

    Were not over populated, we have a government which is completely unnecessary.

  2. Louise M-D says:

    voting ,even big street demonstrations ,only enforces our kneeling while begging for changes,we need group support

  3. Louise M-D says:

    return to matriarcal longhouse villages,,,all others will have no group to defend them against selfish the merchant n professional class

  4. Louise M-D says:

    why censor how masses can protect themselves from business n leaders?

  5. Louise M-D says:

    middle class live in excess n keep human slaves

  6. Chloe7 Seven says:

    Oh noooo, that voice – another robot? Can't face the robot voices anymore.

  7. James Nelner says:

    Faith in humanity restored

  8. Fred Tabert says:

    if they were REALLY going to do this, I wish they would just get it over with
    put up or shut up
    stop talking and start acting

    no one lives forever, and I have already died (and been brought back )3X
    ……so I'm not scared of death
    it's more like an old friend,
    than anything(or anyone) to be feared


  9. mike fister says:

    wow you people are fucking stupid.

  10. i haven't finished the video yet, but what strikes me as odd is how little talk I find here of mesaures to be taken individually to "avoid" getting poisoned.
    Growing your own food, having a seed bank, learning about natural medicine, -taking some of big-pharmas power, not working for a company that poisons us by either their practices or products. I bet we could come up with a grand plan. People should have babies and the opportunity to care for them, noone needs thousands of uncared for babies and later on adults.
    The kids noone wants or can care for in the first place is the problem of overpopulation. Who is to teach them to care for the planet themselves and be an aware consumer as much as an aware creator. Which is what we should or have to all teach ourselves in order to stand a chance.


  12. Don Storsin says:

    yep, get the 1% outta here and we will know peace, bombing the shit outa 3rd world countries would stop, dividing citizens over race would stop. the MSM is killing us

  13. They plan and Allah also plans and the Best planner is Allah (the Creator of the heavens and the earth).

  14. Mrbacon0209 says:

    f### America and f### obama

  15. Steve Haigh says:

    trace any global problem (climate change, terrorism, war, famine, poverty, extinction) and it always comes back to one root cause, humans and human greed.
    less humans = less problems, simple as that

  16. Zkiller127 says:

    and Gangnam Style has 2.7 billion views…

  17. Sean Hummer says:

    hold on i think i put something together, tell me if you agree? Rick said in the fox interview in the beginning. The world would reach 7 billion in 2012 so that interview was made before 9/11 "the false flag attack" so tell me these mass shooting and false flags attack were apart of the population stabilization…think about it?!?!

  18. Sander K says:

    "Planned Parenthood, toxic adulteration of water and food supplies, release of weaponised man-made viruses, man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns and a planned Third World War".. ehm maybe it's me, but how in the h*ll would any illuminati member make sure he (and his entire familiy at that!) will not suffer the same faith? I can however understand a sudden and rigid depopulation from an economic standpoint.. if the system is based on continuous growth, this will give "the whole" a curve like a SawTooth.. if the saw is at it's end, like the population has a max and the economic growth is coming to a halt.. logically you need a reset of the sawtooth to start growing again from scratch! how ideally that would be right? they have to make sure theyre not amongst the unlucky ones, which to me would be impossible with above methods. I cannot see any reason only but suicide why anyone would plan this.. I'm not convinced as of yet! in short: I suppose you cannot do this without bringing harm to yourself. It would be amputy at the least, or suicide. Plus, everybody seems to assume the NWO are the only players in this sick game.. it'd seem to me there are more players (maybe not mobilised or awaken yet) Otherwise it would not be a game at all but a solo excercition which is totally unrealistic. They cannot continue unless the whole world agrees including china, russia, europe, etc. They would have to infiltrate the freakin world and find none to block their wicked ways.. thats just too far reached for me personally. I dont however deny the existence of the NWO, been watching vid's about it for years now.. Then it's the jews, then it's the masons, then theyre atheists, then they're all happy together.. Youtube has become a mess!! an Echo chamber. Perhaps thats what "they" expected, all the chickens in one big room chattering about so loud, that no one can hear or recognize any truth within all this cacophony.

  19. Sure, you could theoretically wipe out an entire population, but the threat today may not be the threat a few years from now. Say you were to kill all Muslims, then a few years from now, some new terror threat emerged. What would you do, kill another billion people? Where would you stop? What if, one day, you were part of the group that is the "threat"?

    This is a poem written by Martin Niemöller, a man who lived in Nazi Germany: "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." 

    Once you decide that wiping out an entire population can be justified, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from potentially being next.


  21. Nick Sothep says:

    Regardless of scare tactics, racism et al. Let's all be honest here, a kid growing in the US, Canada, Europe and most of the western world, consumes about 10 times more, being conservative, than a kid growing in a third world country. One child policy shouldn't be a policy at all, it should be our very own common sense in respect to our planet. We reached the apex of capitalism and brainless consumption and if we want a solution we better start BEING that solution. It's actually a lot easier than you think, it's all about fueling a system of consumerism that is polluting us to death, it's not about CO2, that's a hoax, we have to stop buying useless crap and get back to local products, stop throwing away our cars while they still work, stop buying new gigantic tv sets that show the same rubbish as the older model, stop spending a thousand bucks for a bloody phone…yeah, does anybody realize the absolute idiocy in that? A thousand notes for a phone? The only way out is boycotting the consumer system, and possibly the political one next, which is the real cause of our troubles, the corporation driven governments… I think you got the message. Be aware.

  22. Does anyone know what the instrumental track at 28:00 is?

  23. They have already started eliminating the population with their Chemtrails…they are killing us with our food (GMO's) and spraying our skies. The planet needs Co2, plants need that to thrive! If they reduce the Co2 we will not have food, and I guess that is what their end game is…..slowly kill us then starve us out!

  24. Bill Otinger says:

    se Dr Tent Video you got Viruses

  25. Bill Otinger says:

    Health Care is simple clinic care 5000 families pay $50.00 Month, 200.000 pay $50.00 Month for Hospital Care see Movie WAR ON HEALTH

  26. gemini khan says:

    its nit bill gate .it should be fuking bill gates

  27. some good way I think you think

  28. Lee Holmes says:

    Look people! its ture in a way I live n England and some people are having between 3/6 kids a piece but what really gives me the right hump is someone like bill gates makes all these computers then he's saying were using to much electric what a fucking hipercrit stop making computers you mug ? !!????

  29. P Des13 says:

    All these fires all over the US I believe is man made , there burning people off their land , and it getting worse, the same with huge rain storms, there man made.

  30. clover831 says:

    Fox News: Fear mongering at its best.

  31. if this is so, why are so many babies being born 2014-now?

  32. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    The government should give single people money as incentives not to have children, that way it would help reduce overpopulation.

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