Airborne 08.23.16: Santa Monica Fights On, ISS Readies, ICAO Flight Plans


Also: ANN Is Hiring!, Aero-Calendar, UAV v Helo, AIA Briefs Clinton, First LM-100J, Teamsters, Smalltrack. A resolution has been considered by the Santa …


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  1. HDaviator says:

    Santa Monica is an example of what happens when liberals move next to an airport. They suddenly learn that airplanes make noise.

  2. Gary C says:

    Charles, with all due respect, you can tell you aren't from Washington State! Sequim, although spelled how you pronounced it, isn't how it's pronounced. It is pronounced Squim, or, if you prefer, Skwim. Sequim /ˈskwɪm/
    I know, I know, but there are a LOT of cities and towns here that have far different pronunciations than spellings, and I had problems when I moved here, too, so don't sweat it. This is just for your edification. But, I've been here for about 12 years now, and I cringe when I hear the cities and towns mispronounced. :)

  3. Pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and all those in between need to become as rabidly militant (non-violent) pro-airport and pro-aircraft as their adversaries are in the anti campaign….otherwise your airport and my airport will be next on their target list for closures.
    The idea that "it can't happen at our airport" just doesn't fly anymore…no pun intended….we must stand up these bastards otherwise we will lose this thing that we love so much called aviation….it will be torn away from us and there won't be one thing that we can do about it, and we'll only have ourselves to blame.

  4. Maybe you could have volunteer aviation journalists submit stories for inclusion in the show.

  5. Jay Williams says:

    It's pronounced SKWIM.

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